Decorate Your Desk – Update!!

Today was my first day at my new job!! It went wonderfully well, thank you to everyone who reached out to me. I appreciate you! 

I thought I would share what my desk looks like, now that I’ve shown you all of the supplies that I had in preparation. Now you can see how they look all laid out on my actual work space! I had gone in before and already seen my desk because I got to pick up my laptop early, but today was my official first day and therefore my first chance to settle in and make my space my own. My boss got a kick out of all the pink, as did the other partners haha. 

First, here is the highlight from the last post.

Check out the original post here!

The theme is Rose Gold. Can you tell?

1. My job has already given me my laptop to start getting my emails on. My boss said I could order a case for it and he’d reimburse me, so I had to go with cute and functional. I got this matching marble case and keyboard cover. I also got this carrying case.

2. My coffee cup warmer. For those of us who get distracted and forget our coffee and by the time we remember it, it’s cold. This solves that problem and keeps it the perfect temperature.

3. My favorite photo of me and Jake in a beautiful Rose Gold frame

4. Another fake succulent! Cute and easy, like I said. Get some here.

5. A to-do list, sticky notes, and page markers. I got this at TJMaxx and I love it! It’s handy and matches everything.

6. Tape dispenser. Not exciting, but cute! Part of this set.

7. Phone charger. Because we all know iPhone batteries die crazy fast. Similar here.

8. Matching pens and binder clips. Plenty more where this came from. Part of this set.

10. Rose Gold embellished stapler. Part of this set.

11. Fake flowers to add a nice homey touch. The mason jar is filled with matching glass beads. Flowers here, similar beads here & here.

12. Scissors and pen cup. Part of this set.

13. Personalized ‘D’ mouse pad with marble and rose gold detail to tie everything together!


Now, here is my new desk decorated!

 I’m sure I’ll adjust more as I go, but for now, it’s good. Pretty bare so far, but they ordered me a large Mac monitor, mouse, and keyboard, so I will update as I get more and it gets filled in.

Thanks for stopping by! Let me know your thoughts!

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