How to: 6 Tips to Enjoy Your Roadtrip

Jake and I are spending this weekend driving to the East Coast to spend the week of Thanksgiving with my family. He’s been a great sport and offered to drive most of the way so that I could get some work done. Since I only go home to visit once a year, it’s nice to be able to spend a full week there, visiting with my family and friends and not having to rush. But since we decided to drive instead of fly, we had to make the most out of all this time in the car. So I thought of a few things to make it more enjoyable.

Here are the 6 things we did to enjoy spending a whole day in the car:

1.     Listen to a Podcast. Jake LOVES Joe Rogan Podcasts, so we listen to them whenever we take a trip somewhere. That was the first 4 hours of our ride today. And Joe Rogan’s Podcasts are always very informative, so I enjoy them, too, but don’t tell him that. Joe covers a lot of different topics with some very intelligent people, so it’s always interesting and different. Or check out a different Podcast! There are thousands of them on all kinds of topics.

2.     Listen to an Audiobook. I have a subscription to Audible, and I love it. Even when not on a road trip, I listen to books on my way to and from work, too. I have all of the Harry Potter books on audio, which is one of the things that we listened to because I have a deep seeded love of all things HP, and Jake likes it enough to listen to it with me. It’s nice to be able to attain all of the information books have to offer, and this is great for busy people who don’t always have time to just sit and read.

3.     Music! Of course, I think this goes without saying. When I was in high school and would take trips with my friends or my sister, it was the time when mixed CDs were huge. We had a great playlist set up, and those songs still remind me of those trips when I hear them. CDs aren’t as common anymore, but we did have a Spotify playlist for this trip. Pandora is also a great option, especially if you utilize the free trial of Premium and get it without ads while you have to drive for an extended period!

4.     Play old fashion road games, like padididle, the license plate game, zitch dog (for the HIMYM fans out there), etc.

5.     TALK! We all spend so much time on our phones. This is a great opportunity to BE together. Share stories and just talk to your partner and get closer. Remininse on things, talk about what you’re excited to do on the trip with them, whatever. Since Jake will be meeting a big portion of my family, I spent a good bit of the morning giving him the run down on everyone and just more info about my family.

6.     Make it fun. Whenever we stopped for gas or get food, we mess around and make it fun. Jake is my best friend, so it’s in our nature to be goofy together. Laugh about the weird things you come across, make new memories, and just enjoy being out on the road together!

Here are some pictures from Day 1 of our trip today. We managed to get about 10 hours in today, which leaves only 6 more tomorrow!! 

There were Knight helmets for sale at a gas station in Illinois…

There were also a bunch of terrible purses. Had to get a picture. 

Jake: “We’re going effing HAM, baby”

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban Audiobook for the WIN.
We found this MASSIVE caterpillar toy and tried to get a picture of the whole thing.

Any tips for our remaining time tomorrow?? Let me know below!

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  • Simple is always better. I tried so hard to figure out what I was going to wear for Easter. I spent a good hour trying things on the week before. I sent my sister tons of pictures asking her thoughts. In the end, I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them for some reason so I decided to just go with an outfit I know I love and feel good in. For some reason wearing white just makes me feel super put together. And I managed to not spill anything on myself or get chocolate on my pants which is a major win y’all. .

We don’t need to overthink things so much. It just causes unnecessary stress. I do like to plan ahead because it saves me time, but I also should have realized sooner that the dress I was trying to make work just wasn’t working. Even though I love that dress, it doesn’t flatter me how I want it to and it might be time to let it go. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that don’t give you exactly what you need. You don’t have to settle, something else will always come along. Or you probably already have something else in your closet (or life, this isn’t limited to clothes!) that’s even better than what you’re trying to make work!
  • Happy Easter 🐰❤️
  • Casual Good Friday ❤️ this was yesterday’s work outfit but I jazzed myself up before we went to church with Jakes mom and stepdad last night. I cried like a baby. Good Friday always both kicks my ass and reminds me how blessed we all are. 
The beautiful KC weather this weekend is so exciting!! I’m so happy when it’s Spring weather 😍 Have a beautiful Saturday!!
  • “There is beauty in simplicity”
My simple wardrobe makes me so happy and I love the seemingly endless possibilities I have with it. Having a love of neutrals really works well for me with this! 
Happy Good Friday ❤️
  • The only things in my life these days are the things I really want there. This isn’t limited to the stuff in my house and the clothes in my closet. This includes my job, relationships, hobbies, everything. I’ve even started eating better as a by-product of simplifying my life and I just feel better over all. .

By removing the things and people that don’t make me happy, I have more time and energy for the things that do that I used to put off and not prioritize like I should have. We spend so much of our lives being “busy”. But what are we busy with? Most of it is actually unimportant when you break it down. .

I say no to things much more now and that allows me to spend more of my time relaxing and enjoying life. I used to constantly feel rushed or like I should be doing something. If I wasn’t moving, I felt like I was wasting my time. But the truth is, resting and just being home with Jake and the boys is my happy place. It brings me so much joy, so that’s what my priority is. .

Having more time to just BE has been amazing. Being more picky in my relationships has helped me really value the ones I hold most dear and has brought me to an amazing new job because I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less. Respect yourself and your time and prioritize the things that matter most to you. Life’s too short to live any other way.
  • “When you love what you have, you have everything you need.” So many wonderful things have happened since I simplified my life. Changing my outlook on life wasn’t really intentional, but I’m so thankful it happened when it did. I was kind of at a breaking point. Fed up with where I was and how things were going with my old job. Struggling with depression and comparison. I knew something had to change but I had no idea what. Simplicity was that thing. .
Now, I spend way less time on social media. I deleted Facebook off my phone and haven’t  looked at it in weeks. I’m much happier without it. I read a lot more. I’m getting much better at ignoring the impulse to pick up my phone and when I am on it, to compare my life to the perfect pictures people post. I even cut a few inches off my hair! 💇🏻‍♀️ I want things as easy as they can be right now. It takes a lot of stress out of my life. Try to go a whole weekend without social media and see how awesome it feels!

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