Stitch Fix Review #2

If you haven’t tried Stitch Fix at least once, I highly recommend that you do. It has completely revolutionized the way that I buy clothes in the best way. I get a personal stylist, quality clothing, and all without having to spend hours at the store trying things on. Here’s how it works, if you’ve never done it. If you’re familiar, skip down to the good part!

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1.    Create a FREE style profile at
This is the fun part! It’s simple and doesn’t cost a thing. Just give them an idea of your body type and what you like to wear. Upload links for your Pinterest page to give your stylist some inspiration!
2.    When you are ready, schedule your first fix.
After you complete the profile, you can set up a time to have your fix shipped out. Your personal stylist will hand-pick out 5 items just for you based on what you said in your style profile. There’s a $20 styling fee, which is applied toward whatever you keep from your fix! There’s no monthly subscription fee, and shipping is free both ways!
3.    Try on your hand-picked clothes.
The best part! You can try on your fix clothes with what you already have in your closet and see how things work together. You have 4 business days to try them on and decide what to keep. You can even extend that if you need more time!
4.    Check out online.
You can check out on your computer, or through the handy app. You leave feedback for each item for your stylist and let her know your thoughts so the next fix can be even better. You’ll see the $20 styling fee applied to your items here. If you keep all 5, you get a 25% discount on top of that!
5.    Return what you didn’t love.
Didn’t love all of it? Place any unwanted items into the pre-addressed envelope that came with your fix, and drop it in the mail. It’s that easy (and free)!

6.    Schedule your next fix!
You can schedule you next fix any time. You’re not obligated to have one every month. You can request items for special events like a wedding or vacation, get new things every season, or get them as often as every 2-3 weeks! I personally like to receive mine every 3 weeks, just because it’s something fun to look forward to.

I was more excited for this box than usual, who knew that was possible? I asked for a new stylist this time to see if someone else would have a different take on my style and I was really looking forward to seeing what she would send! My first box was a bit disappointing and didn’t have too much to offer that I was crazy about. I did keep a pair of Liverpool jeans, but ended up sending them back because they were slide on jeans with no zipper or button closure which concerned me for how fast they would get worn out or lose their shape. The second box was better, as shown in the previous post. I kept one top, but wasn’t interested in anything else. I had the same stylist for both of those boxes, so I thought it was time for a change to see if maybe I could get someone that could give me some fresh ideas.

This week I peeked before I got my box because I was just way too excited for it. And to my most pleasant surprise, I loved 3/5 things I saw right off the bat! This told me that this new stylist, whose name happens to be Lauren, really had a better grip on what I was looking for. Which is great! And since I peeked before I got the box, I think that definitely added to my excitement. I also noticed that Lauren listed to the fact that I LOVE neutrals, as almost everything was black and grey! 

Emory Park Adrianne Cardigan – $50 (RETURN)

First up was the Emory Park Cardigan. This was one of the things that I was excited about receiving. I didn’t keep it only because I have a very similar grey cardigan already, so I don’t need it. But to me, that says that Lauren nailed my style! I loved the longer length of this cardigan, and the fact that it has POCKETS! That’s always a plus in women’s clothing. We never get enough pocket space. This sweater was also a little big on me, even though it was an XS. So that paired with my already similar cardi, this piece was not meant for my closet. But I was still very pleased with it nonetheless.
Loveappella Leila Knit Dress – $58 (RETURN)

This dress hit 2 of the requests I placed in my last fix in that I could wear it to work and it was long sleeved. It fit pretty well and was very comfortable, but I am not a fan of geometric patterns at all. I tried it on to be a good sport, but I knew I wouldn’t be keeping it. I’m sure once I give that feedback, she will send me a more simplistic dress next time that I’ll love. The sleeve length was spot on, as was the length. I am very conservative with hem lines in and out of work and don’t like to wear anything more than an inch or 2 above the knee. I have very long legs, so it’s hard to find dresses long enough! This one’s length was right where I wanted it.

RD Style Harriette Cowl Neck Sweater – $68 (KEEP)

I knew at first glance that I would be keeping this sweater. I love cowl neck styles and thick knit sweaters, so this is a perfect combination. It’s a great addition to my fall/winter wardrobe and it’s nice enough to wear to work. I am always (and I do mean always) cold, so I need thick, warm things like this. It’s a little big in the arms and armpit area, but I’m thinking it might shrink a little when I wash it. Even if not, I’ll probably wear another long sleeve shirt under it which will help it fit better.

Kaileigh Aldama Scoop Neck Blouse – $48 (RETURN)

Lauren said she sent this one because she knows I love plaid. Not too sure where she got that one from haha. I did ask for a plaid shirt in my first fix, but I wanted one that was mostly white and a button up. I was not a fan on this top at all really. This was the only piece I would say isn’t remotely my style. I also wasn’t a fan of how it fit, just because it hung so far out from my body. I was surprised that my boyfriend seemed to kind of like it when I tried it on. But alas, it was destined to go back as nothing about it was ‘me’.

Liverpool Jaqueline Skinny Pant – $78 (KEEP)

These pants. Just, wow. You see I’m wearing them in every picture because they’re SO comfortable. They feel like silky yoga pants, but look professional enough for work. The tag on them actually says leggings, so I’m sure that’s why they’re so deliciously comfortable. These were another item I knew upon first peek that I knew I’d be keeping. I had asked in my first box for black jeans, and was sent another paid of Liverpool pants, but they were the slide on kind with no button or zipper. I was concerned with them stretching out, so I ended up sending them back. I asked for the same pair with a zipper and button. And here they are! They’re not jeans, but they’re MUCH more comfortable than jeans, so I can work with that!
I felt like this fix was the best one so far is terms of getting things I actually liked. Only the plaid shirt and dress pattern were off this round. I’m sure with the feedback from this fix, the next one is going to be even better! I will definitely be requesting the same stylist for next time. For my next fix, I think I’ll ask for a beige/light brown colored jacket for this fall weather that’s finally beginning to set in in the Midwest. I’ve started breaking out the scarves and booties this week, I love this time of year! 

What would you have kept?? 

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