Stitch Fix Review #3

This fix I asked for some long sleeve things, and a tan jacket to go with a pair of chocolate brown Ralph Lauren riding boots I have sitting in my closet just waiting to be broken out this fall. Since I recently purged my closet (read about it here), I am down to 30 tops total, both work and casual. Even though I got it down to the bare minimum, I still find myself not wanting to wear what is left in there as I’ve seen it so much. So I’m hoping to find replacement pieces, and get rid of a few more things.

For those of you who don’t know about the magic of Stitch Fix, here is the basic run down. For those who know the drill, skip down to the good stuff!
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How it works:

1.    Create a FREE style profile at
This is the fun part! It’s simple and doesn’t cost a thing. Just give them an idea of your body type and what you like to wear. Upload links for your Pinterest page to give your stylist some inspiration!
2.    When you are ready, schedule your first fix.
After you complete the profile, you can set up a time to have your fix shipped out. Your personal stylist will hand-pick out 5 items just for you based on what you said in your style profile. There’s a $20 styling fee, which is applied toward whatever you keep from your fix! There’s no monthly subscription fee, and shipping is free both ways!

3.    Try on your hand-picked clothes.
The best part! You can try on your fix clothes with what you already have in your closet and see how things work together. You have 4 business days to try them on and decide what to keep. You can even extend that if you need more time!
4.    Check out online.
You can check out on your computer, or through the handy app. You leave feedback for each item for your stylist and let her know your thoughts so the next fix can be even better. You’ll see the $20 styling fee applied to your items here. If you keep all 5, you get a 25% discount on top of that!
5.    Return what you didn’t love.
Didn’t love all of it? Place any unwanted items into the pre-addressed envelope that came with your fix, and drop it in the mail. It’s that easy (and free)!
6.    Schedule your next fix!

You can schedule you next fix any time. You’re not obligated to have one every month. You can request items for special events like a wedding or vacation, get new things every season, or get them as often as every 2-3 weeks! I personally like to receive mine every 3 weeks, just because it’s something fun to look forward to.

I peeked at this fix before I got it, and at first glance I was disappointed. I thought the jacket Lauren sent me was black, and I thought, “why would she send me a black jacket when I asked for tan?” The closest things I thought I would like were the jeans and the plaid top. But when I got the box, I was more surprised when I put things on than I thought! Shows you really can’t just a book by its cover!

XS Emory Park Cherise Whipstitch Detail Pullover – $46  RETURN

This sweater was so super soft and stretchy, but it was too small for me! Too short in the belly and arms. I’m on the taller end (5’8’’) so sometimes that can be an issue. This was the first XS top that was too short for me. It was also slightly itchy, and I was not a fan of the stitch detail. I did try it on to be a good sport because of how soft it was, but I knew before putting it on it was a no-go.

XS Bagatelle Raychel Faux Leather Moto Jacket – $88  RETURN

Much to my surprise, this jacket was dark green, not black! And I was SOOOO close to keeping it. I put it on and was shocked; I loved it! I even hung it up in my closet and everything. But the more I looked through my closet, the more I thought it would be hard to put with other things. Even though it was pretty neutral, I would still prefer to spend that money on a tan jacket like I wanted. Jake told me I looked like a biker, to which I said “you don’t understand women’s fashion.” But I would also like a jacket that zips down the middle instead of off to the side like this one. It was wonderful quality and fit me like a glove, but after much debating, it had to go back.

Size 2 Level 99 Lilah Distressed Skinny Jeans – $98  KEEP

I think my biggest win with Stitch Fix so far is the pants they’ve sent me. They’re all amazing. I’ve been a big fan of the Liverpool jeans so far, and these Level 99 jeans were no exception. They are so comfortable and fit like they were made for me. I asked for distressed and was glad that these were not over the top distressed. It was the perfect amount for me. I didn’t think I was going to keep them when I peeked because they were so expensive, but once I put them on, I knew I was going to keep them. These are what I consider an investment piece. Nice jeans that will last a long time and are great quality.

XS Laju Omaha Two Pocket Top – $58  RETURN

I has mentioned in my Style Note a couple fixes back that I wanted to try out the plaid trend, but that I’d prefer it was mostly white as I feel too Christmasy with too much red or green. I did really like this top. It had a kind of silky feel, as opposed to traditional fleecy flannel, and was kind of shiny. It fit like a glove and I love the high-low fit. I just didn’t absolutely love it on myself. And if I didn’t love it, I couldn’t justify spending $60 on it. Since I purged my closet of everything I didn’t absolutely LOVE, that’s my new rule of adding anything to it. Do I LOVE this piece? Could I live without it, or would I regret not getting it? This piece, as well as it fit me and I liked the style, did not pass the LOVE test.

XS Fraiche by J Benie Criss-Cross Knit Top – $54  RETURN

I didn’t think I would like this top, but I ended up liking it more than I thought I would. The back of it was very cute. The only reason I didn’t keep it is because I didn’t like the black color block at the top. The material was very soft and comfortable. I could wear it to work or out on a weekend. I love the versatility of it. But the black at the top just killed it for me. I didn’t like how the color stopped at the end of the sleeves, and it just wasn’t my personal style. It was long sleeve and neutral like I asked for, though. Each stitch gets close and closer to my personal style and what I like, which is the best part!
Even though the only keeper from this box was the Level 99 jeans, I think it’s a big win. Writing this post, I’ve had the jeans for 2 weeks now and have already worn them at least 5 times, so that says how much I love them! They were definitely worth the money because they fit like a dream and really look and feel amazing. I hope to get more like them in my next fix. I’ve requested more jeans, perhaps colored ones, and blazers for my next fix. I just got a new job and the style for this office is business casual, with a seeming emphasis on the casual. I’ve only ever seen everyone in jeans, nice shirts, and blazers or sweaters. That’s actually one of my favorite styles, so I’m very excited to experiment and see what kind of outfits I can put together!
What would you have kept?? Let me know below! 
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  • Simple is always better. I tried so hard to figure out what I was going to wear for Easter. I spent a good hour trying things on the week before. I sent my sister tons of pictures asking her thoughts. In the end, I wasn’t really satisfied with any of them for some reason so I decided to just go with an outfit I know I love and feel good in. For some reason wearing white just makes me feel super put together. And I managed to not spill anything on myself or get chocolate on my pants which is a major win y’all. .

We don’t need to overthink things so much. It just causes unnecessary stress. I do like to plan ahead because it saves me time, but I also should have realized sooner that the dress I was trying to make work just wasn’t working. Even though I love that dress, it doesn’t flatter me how I want it to and it might be time to let it go. Don’t be afraid to let go of things that don’t give you exactly what you need. You don’t have to settle, something else will always come along. Or you probably already have something else in your closet (or life, this isn’t limited to clothes!) that’s even better than what you’re trying to make work!
  • Happy Easter 🐰❤️
  • Casual Good Friday ❤️ this was yesterday’s work outfit but I jazzed myself up before we went to church with Jakes mom and stepdad last night. I cried like a baby. Good Friday always both kicks my ass and reminds me how blessed we all are. 
The beautiful KC weather this weekend is so exciting!! I’m so happy when it’s Spring weather 😍 Have a beautiful Saturday!!
  • “There is beauty in simplicity”
My simple wardrobe makes me so happy and I love the seemingly endless possibilities I have with it. Having a love of neutrals really works well for me with this! 
Happy Good Friday ❤️
  • The only things in my life these days are the things I really want there. This isn’t limited to the stuff in my house and the clothes in my closet. This includes my job, relationships, hobbies, everything. I’ve even started eating better as a by-product of simplifying my life and I just feel better over all. .

By removing the things and people that don’t make me happy, I have more time and energy for the things that do that I used to put off and not prioritize like I should have. We spend so much of our lives being “busy”. But what are we busy with? Most of it is actually unimportant when you break it down. .

I say no to things much more now and that allows me to spend more of my time relaxing and enjoying life. I used to constantly feel rushed or like I should be doing something. If I wasn’t moving, I felt like I was wasting my time. But the truth is, resting and just being home with Jake and the boys is my happy place. It brings me so much joy, so that’s what my priority is. .

Having more time to just BE has been amazing. Being more picky in my relationships has helped me really value the ones I hold most dear and has brought me to an amazing new job because I wasn’t willing to settle for anything less. Respect yourself and your time and prioritize the things that matter most to you. Life’s too short to live any other way.
  • “When you love what you have, you have everything you need.” So many wonderful things have happened since I simplified my life. Changing my outlook on life wasn’t really intentional, but I’m so thankful it happened when it did. I was kind of at a breaking point. Fed up with where I was and how things were going with my old job. Struggling with depression and comparison. I knew something had to change but I had no idea what. Simplicity was that thing. .
Now, I spend way less time on social media. I deleted Facebook off my phone and haven’t  looked at it in weeks. I’m much happier without it. I read a lot more. I’m getting much better at ignoring the impulse to pick up my phone and when I am on it, to compare my life to the perfect pictures people post. I even cut a few inches off my hair! 💇🏻‍♀️ I want things as easy as they can be right now. It takes a lot of stress out of my life. Try to go a whole weekend without social media and see how awesome it feels!

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