Stitch Fix Review #4

This fix was an exciting one for a few reasons. First, it came right before I start my new job, so I was excited to hopefully receive some great pieces for work. Second, it’s the first box I’ve gotten to review since I created this blog! I wrote all of the other reviews in preparation for this before I made it a reality. So far, I think it’s going really well. Traffic is surprisingly high, and PLEASE, if you have any tips, let me know! I’d love to hear from you.

As far as this fix goes, it had some great pieces. The best thing about Stitch Fix, in my opinion, is that not only are the pieces stylish and convenient, but they are COMFORTABLE. Of all the fixes I’ve gotten, I’ve never once thought something was too stiff or too tight. I live for comfort in my clothes, so that’s one reason (of many) that I keep going back. Also because it’s fun to receive a surprise in the mail!

If you’re unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, here’s the gist. If you know how it goes, hop on down to the good stuff.
1.    Create a FREE style profile at
This is the fun part! It’s simple and doesn’t cost a thing. Just give them an idea of your body type and what you like to wear. Upload links for your Pinterest page to give your stylist some inspiration!
2.    When you are ready, schedule your first fix.
After you complete the profile, you can set up a time to have your fix shipped out. Your personal stylist will hand-pick out 5 items just for you based on what you said in your style profile. There’s a $20 styling fee, which is applied toward whatever you keep from your fix! There’s no monthly subscription fee, and shipping is free both ways!
3.    Try on your hand-picked clothes.
The best part! You can try on your fix clothes with what you already have in your closet and see how things work together. You have 4 business days to try them on and decide what to keep. You can even extend that if you need more time!
4.    Check out online.
You can check out on your computer, or through the handy app. You leave feedback for each item for your stylist and let her know your thoughts so the next fix can be even better. You’ll see the $20 styling fee applied to your items here. If you keep all 5, you get a 25% discount on top of that!
5.    Return what you didn’t love.
Didn’t love all of it? Place any unwanted items into the pre-addressed envelope that came with your fix, and drop it in the mail. It’s that easy (and free)!
6.    Schedule your next fix!
You can schedule you next fix any time. You’re not obligated to have one every month. You can request items for special events like a wedding or vacation, get new things every season, or get them as often as every 2-3 weeks! I personally like to receive mine every 3 weeks, just because it’s something fun to look forward to.

Now, on to the best part. Let’s see what came in this box. Side note: this was the largest box I’ve gotten yet, size wise. I was surprised when I saw it!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, use my referral code and get your $20 style fee waived!

XS Pink Clover Ashyton Pullover – $44 (RETURN)

Speaking of comfort, this sweater is the definition of it. It’s super stretchy, and perfect for fall. It’s thick, but not heavy. I love the high-low hem and the small slit. These sweaters are so versatile. You can throw on some leggings and a scarf, with some jeans and a cute necklace and it works great either way. I decided not to keep it because I literally just ordered a very similar one from Nordstrom Rack (and it’s on sale!). However, I like when I get similar things to what I already have because it’s a testament that my stylist knows what I like!

Size 26 Vigoss Erika Skinny Jean – $68 (RETURN)

I always say that the best part of every fix is the pants. These fit very well, were super stretchy, and a great color. They were just a little short. Being on the taller side (I’m 5’8’’), I prefer my pants to be a little longer, even if I roll them up. I also like them to be super skinny all the way down and these were looser around my ankles than I’d like. However, the fit everywhere else was spot on like always. As someone who has always struggled to find pants that fit, I think this is a bit of a small miracle.

XS Skies are Blue Raja Collarless Blazer – $78 (KEEP)

When I looked at my fix on the Stitch Fix app (you can peek once it ships), this was by far what I was looking forward to the most. I asked for jeans and blazers in my style note in preparation for my new job, and this blazer is absolutely perfect. I love the color; it’s different from anything else I own. It will pop great with jeans. The ruching on the sleeves adds a cute detail. I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about the lack of color, but it looks great with the lapels sown how they are. I’ll get it tailored (I tailor all of my work clothes for a more personalized fit) and already know it’s gonna be an instant staple.

XS August Mist Valaree Shawl Cardigan – $48 (RETURN)

This sweater was why my box was so big! It’s SO fluffy! Very soft, warm and stretchy just like everything else. Jake saw me get ready to try it on and he was like “what is that?!” Once I put it on, he was actually surprised and said it wasn’t what he expected. I wasn’t actually sure what to expect. I love the shawl neck front and the color. Light grey is a perfect neutral. From the front it looks great. My only issue was because it was so thick, from the side it looked like I was wearing a robe, and that was the deal breaker. It was such a great price, too! Hopefully it finds a good home.

RD Style Rhonda Faux Leather Jacket – $78 (RETURN)

Since my first fix, every stylist has tried to send me a great fall jacket. I’ve been looking for one to go with my Ralph Lauren Chocolate Brown Riding Boots, and have not been successful yet. This one was pretty close, but still not exactly what I want. She did hit on the fact that I asked for a neutral color and for a jacket that zips right up the middle. I prefer that to the typical moto style that’s off to one side. I liked the folded over neck. I wasn’t so much a fan of the mixture of fabrics. The faux leather and the stretchy material on the sleeves and sides isn’t something I like in combination together. Each fix is one step closer to finding that amazing jacket! I have so many saved on my Pinterest, go check them out! Your stylish can take requests!

What would you have kept? I can’t wait to wear this new blazer to work next week!

If you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix, click HERE to use my referral link!

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