SuitableYou Review #3

For this SuitableYou box, I told the stylist that I had just gotten a new job and I needed new jeans and some long sleeve tops or sweaters. I was excited to get the box before driving home for Thanksgiving this week, in hopes that I’d get something to take with me.

For anyone unfamiliar with SuitableYou, here’s the rundown:
  • SuitableYou is a company that sends you 5 things at a time based on a style profit you complete. There is a $20 styling fee, and you get that credited toward your total if you buy 3 or more things. You also get a 10% discount if you keep 3-4 items, and a 20% discount if you keep all 5. You try everything on in the comfort of your own home, and send back what you don’t want in a pre-paid shipping envelope.
  • The style profile takes you through your physical features such as height, weight, and body type and then moves on to what your style preferences are. I personally like looser fitting tops with fitted pants. You can also go through color and pattern preferences, jewelry, and shoes. You have the option of receiving a box monthly or every few months. You can skip a month (or more) too, if you want. 
  • I like that the stylist includes a note in the package advising how you can style the things she’s included for you, which can be helpful if they’re different styles than you’re used to.
Now, on to the box!

Lumiere Gabrielle Cross Front Blue Blouse – RETURN

The first thing I tried on from this box was this blouse. I liked the thin almost chiffon like material, and the fact that it was all navy and long sleeved. I almost kept it, but when I went to add it to my closet, I realized I have another shirt veeeery similar to this without the crossing detail, so I decided to send it back. If I didn’t have that shirt, this would have been a keeper because it’s perfect for work and looked great with my jeans.

INA Page Plaid Blazer – RETURN

This blazer was an all over disaster. First off, it’s a medium so it was too big for me. Second, I’m not a fan of this design at all. It made me feel about 70 when I put it on. This was a no-go before I even started, but I have a rule that even if I don’t like it I have to try it on! I’ve been surprised a few times. This was not one. My facial expression does not hide my emotions well lol.

Olive and Oak Blaire Black Cardigan – RETURN

I love black clothes. Anything that’s neutral is typically a win. I already have a nice black cardigan from Express that I love, so I knew I wouldn’t be keeping this one. It was also kind of big in the shoulders, and I wasn’t a huge fan of the ribbing on the shoulders. 

Apricot Nadine Sweater Dress – RETURN

I think the design of this dress is very flattering, but it was not my style. Bodycon style things typically make me uncomfortable as they draw too much attention. I also took a closer picture to show that even though this dress was fitted at the bottom, the top was loose. I also would have nowhere to wear this to, so it had to go back.

FRNCH Lacey Pencil Skirt – RETURN

I liked this skirt for multiple reasons. First, it was a great length. I prefer my skirts to be to my knee as I’m so tall. Second, it fit great and wasn’t too tight. Third, it was very comfortable and stretchy. Four, I love grey. So it would have been an overall win, IF I had somewhere to wear it. But considering I wear jeans every day now, it would just sit in my closet. So sadly, it had to go back. The letter I received from the stylist recommended pairing the shirt and skirt from this box together, hence the second outfit below. It did look good together!

This box didn’t exactly hit the mark, and based on that along with the comparison to my Stitch Fix boxes, I knew going in that this would be my last box from them. They’re typically catered to business professional, and my new job is now on the very casual end of business casual. Out of my three boxes, I did get 2 items that I loved, but I just think this isn’t the box for me. My next adventure will be with Trunk Club, so I’m very excited for that because I LOVE Nordstrom.

Have you tried any box services like SuitableYou, Stitch Fix, or Trunk Club? Let me know your thoughts on them!

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  • “Maybe the life you’ve always wanted is buried under everything you own” -Joshua Becker

This quote hits home because I never realized how cluttered our apartment was and how that clutter, even though it was organized, was holding us back in unexpected ways. 
This weekend we re-arranged our house a bit and I’m so in love with the results. We used to have our computer desks both in our bedroom. Although our room is pretty big, having so much furniture made it feel small and cramped. Not at all relaxing. 
Since I’ve been getting rid of things like it’s my job, I sold all of our guest room furniture except the bed, leaving a whole lot of space in there. We moved the desks into that room and it made both rooms feel like a whole new space!! It’s amazing what happens when you let go of things. Happier, quieter, less cluttered. Have a wonderful Monday!
  • “Don’t confuse having less with being less, having more with being more, or what you have with who you are.” -unknown

Happy Friday!!! I’m so excited for the weekend 🙌🏻I love this quote because people sometimes think having and buying more will make them better somehow. Happier, more stylish, cooler, more liked. .

Sadly, in high school, this was true. When I started wearing brand name clothes, people literally treated me completely different. I got invited to more things, different people started talking to me. It was crazy. But those people were not my real friends and I literally haven’t spoken to any of them since high school. So, goes to show how those things don’t actually matter!! Have an awesome weekend 😘
  • In honor of #nationalproposalday I want to give a shoutout to my handsome husband @jacob.thompson87 for totally nailing my engagement ring 💜😍
 I knew I wanted something unique with a colored stone. I didn’t want a big expensive diamond or a ring that would look like anyone else’s. Jake knows my favorite color is purple so he got me a lavender sapphire with a petal halo. I also love my simple twisted wedding band. I took this picture on our honeymoon because I was so happy to finally be able to wear them together! I love how they complement each other. I never want to take them off. Have a wonderful Friday Eve!
  • “Forget the Sales price. Everything is 100% off when you don’t buy it.” .
As a fun challenge for myself, I’m going to do a shopping ban. If you’re familiar with the book “The Year of Less”, Cait goes an entire year without buying anything unnecessary (actually she ends up doing a second year after). I just finished reading it and I love the idea of not buying anything new that I don’t need. 
While I’ve been purging, I’ve seen just how much I really have. There isn’t anything I need. The sales price used to get me. That seductive little red sticker would catch my attention and convince me I needed that piece in my closet because it’s such a great deal. BUT it’s not if you don’t need it. Save your money for things you truly love and put thought into buying, not impulse buys that will hang unworn in your closet.
  • Have you ever been so excited about something that every time you talk to someone who you see could benefit from it, you just want to tell them every single thing about it because you just want to help them? That’s how I feel about minimalism and living with less. It’s changed my life and my mindset in so many ways and all I want to do is tell people about it. But I don’t, unless they ask. 
You can’t force change on people. They have to come to their own conclusions in their own time. They have to have their own inspiration *ah ha!* moments like you had. You can talk until you’re blue in the face, but they won’t HEAR you until they’re ready. The best way to show them how great something is is by being an example! Be the change you wish to see. Maybe you can inspire others with your happiness. Happy Tuesday!
  • “If you don’t have time for things that matter, stop doing things that don’t.” - @bemorewithless .
This weekend (and in general, lately) I took a little break from social media. Since I started my new job, this weekend was the first actual weekend Jake and I have spent together since we got back from our honeymoon in October. Crazy, right?! It was wonderful to spend time with family and get stuff done together and just enjoy the time we had. Making time for what’s important is so crucial to your mental health and the health of your relationships! If you’re too busy, remove the things that aren’t actually important and make time for the things that are.

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