Oliver’s Surprise Arrival

Watch the video below surprising Jake and bringing Oliver home a day early!

Choosing Oliver:

Jake and I have been wanting to get a puppy for months. We both love dogs, and decided to save up and wait until we got our own place. What we thought we wanted starting out turned into something totally different, and we were completely ok with it. We’ve known we wanted an active dog from the beginning. Since we are pretty outdoorsy, we aimed for a medium sized dog to fit comfortably in our tent. We decided on an Australian Shepherd, and the camping aspect is where the mini came in.

Our biggest thing was that we wanted our puppy to have a tail, because traditionally, Aussie tails are docked 1-3 days after birth. It used to be because they we farm dogs and it kept them from getting stuck in equipment or trampled by cattle. Now it’s just cosmetic for the breed standard, which I personally don’t agree with. So I reached out to a local breeder and asked her if for her next litter, if we could keep our puppy’s tail. She was curious why, which I told her we just like how they look and would prefer it that way. She agreed no problem. 

Initially, we were set on getting a female, and we wanted her to be red. Most Aussies are either Merle or Tri in color, we weren’t too picky about that. I love merles and have always wanted one, and Jake likes the tris. The litter that Oli was born into only had ONE female and 5 males! And the only female was all black. In fact, that litter had no red pups at all! But we didn’t care, really. Since we couldn’t get a red one, I was set on getting a merle because I love their coats.

Our breeder, Kalyn, gave us first pick as she would have to dock all of the other puppies tails within the next 72 hours. We picked Oli out when he wasn’t even 24 hours old yet! We both knew when we saw him that he was it. Kalyn sent us pictures of all of them a little while after they were born, and as we were scrolling through them, we both gasped when we got to him and said “that one!” at the same time. When we went to see them all, it just re-affirmed what we already knew! He was it. 

We struggled to think of a name for him for a while. We couldn’t agree on anything, and what one of us liked, the other didn’t. If you know me, then you know that I love Harry Potter. I had planned on naming our girl puppy Lily, after Harry’s mom because she’d be red and Harry’s mom was a redhead. However, that obviously didn’t work for a blue merle boy!

I started to think through all of the boy names, and I came across Oliver Wood. I’m pretty sure every young girl had a crush on him at some point. It’s also a happy coincidence that my favorite characters are Fred and George, George is played by Oliver Phelps. Without telling Jake how exactly I arrived at the name, I said “what do you think of Oliver?” He said, “I like it! We can call him Oli!” And that was it! We finally agreed on something we both liked. I told him later where I got the name, and he just laughed. He’s such a good sport.

Today’s Surprise:

Fast forward to today, when we finally got to bring him home! Talking to Kalyn, her and her husband were about to go out of town, so she was bringing the puppies into town a day earlier than expected. I was so excited that we’d be getting him a little sooner, but I decided not to tell Jake and just to surprise him instead. We already had everything ready, so I thought a surprise would be great. He had no idea, and was expecting us to go pick him up the following morning.

I got off work earlier than him, so I hurried home to set everything up. His reaction was great and exactly what I wanted. Watch the surprise below!

Oli was great in the car on the way home, and after a very exciting day, is passed out beside me. If you follow me on Instagram @everythingundertheKSsun or my personal page @danirhaines, get ready for some puppy spam!

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  • “Maybe the life you’ve always wanted is buried under everything you own” -Joshua Becker

This quote hits home because I never realized how cluttered our apartment was and how that clutter, even though it was organized, was holding us back in unexpected ways. 
This weekend we re-arranged our house a bit and I’m so in love with the results. We used to have our computer desks both in our bedroom. Although our room is pretty big, having so much furniture made it feel small and cramped. Not at all relaxing. 
Since I’ve been getting rid of things like it’s my job, I sold all of our guest room furniture except the bed, leaving a whole lot of space in there. We moved the desks into that room and it made both rooms feel like a whole new space!! It’s amazing what happens when you let go of things. Happier, quieter, less cluttered. Have a wonderful Monday!
  • “Don’t confuse having less with being less, having more with being more, or what you have with who you are.” -unknown

Happy Friday!!! I’m so excited for the weekend 🙌🏻I love this quote because people sometimes think having and buying more will make them better somehow. Happier, more stylish, cooler, more liked. .

Sadly, in high school, this was true. When I started wearing brand name clothes, people literally treated me completely different. I got invited to more things, different people started talking to me. It was crazy. But those people were not my real friends and I literally haven’t spoken to any of them since high school. So, goes to show how those things don’t actually matter!! Have an awesome weekend 😘
  • In honor of #nationalproposalday I want to give a shoutout to my handsome husband @jacob.thompson87 for totally nailing my engagement ring 💜😍
 I knew I wanted something unique with a colored stone. I didn’t want a big expensive diamond or a ring that would look like anyone else’s. Jake knows my favorite color is purple so he got me a lavender sapphire with a petal halo. I also love my simple twisted wedding band. I took this picture on our honeymoon because I was so happy to finally be able to wear them together! I love how they complement each other. I never want to take them off. Have a wonderful Friday Eve!
  • “Forget the Sales price. Everything is 100% off when you don’t buy it.” .
As a fun challenge for myself, I’m going to do a shopping ban. If you’re familiar with the book “The Year of Less”, Cait goes an entire year without buying anything unnecessary (actually she ends up doing a second year after). I just finished reading it and I love the idea of not buying anything new that I don’t need. 
While I’ve been purging, I’ve seen just how much I really have. There isn’t anything I need. The sales price used to get me. That seductive little red sticker would catch my attention and convince me I needed that piece in my closet because it’s such a great deal. BUT it’s not if you don’t need it. Save your money for things you truly love and put thought into buying, not impulse buys that will hang unworn in your closet.
  • Have you ever been so excited about something that every time you talk to someone who you see could benefit from it, you just want to tell them every single thing about it because you just want to help them? That’s how I feel about minimalism and living with less. It’s changed my life and my mindset in so many ways and all I want to do is tell people about it. But I don’t, unless they ask. 
You can’t force change on people. They have to come to their own conclusions in their own time. They have to have their own inspiration *ah ha!* moments like you had. You can talk until you’re blue in the face, but they won’t HEAR you until they’re ready. The best way to show them how great something is is by being an example! Be the change you wish to see. Maybe you can inspire others with your happiness. Happy Tuesday!
  • “If you don’t have time for things that matter, stop doing things that don’t.” - @bemorewithless .
This weekend (and in general, lately) I took a little break from social media. Since I started my new job, this weekend was the first actual weekend Jake and I have spent together since we got back from our honeymoon in October. Crazy, right?! It was wonderful to spend time with family and get stuff done together and just enjoy the time we had. Making time for what’s important is so crucial to your mental health and the health of your relationships! If you’re too busy, remove the things that aren’t actually important and make time for the things that are.

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