Preparing for a Puppy, Featuring Oliver!

We get our puppy in one week and I’m so excited I could pop! This week, I’ve spent my spare time trying to puppy-proof the house and get everything we will need for Oliver’s big arrival. I’ve put together a quick list for what all is needed for a new puppy in the house!

I’ve also included some super cute pictures of Oli at the end, just because who doesn’t love puppies?!

Dog Crate
I’m 100% a fan of crate training puppies until they’re potty trained. Puppies can’t be left out during the day or night if no one is home or they will wreak havoc! They’re teething and curious and still not totally potty trained. I got a crate that is big enough for him when he’s fully grown, but it also has a divider in it while he grows. Giving the puppy the whole crate, they are more likely to have an accident in it. The divider deters that, so less accidents!

Potty Pad and Odor Removal Spray

Puppies have tiny bladders! Since we won’t always be able to take Oli outside (mainly at midnight), a potty pad is a great way to help with potty training. I chose this grass pad one so that he would recognize that grass is where he’s supposed to go. I’ve used others before, but I think this one is less confusing for the dog. Plus, if they have accidents inside, it’s quicker to carry them over to the pad. Of course, you also need odor removal spray for when accidents do happen! 


Simple food and water bowls will do the trick in the beginning. I prefer these no-slip ones, as puppies love to push their bowls around. The base keeps them from moving anywhere and from spilling when your excited puppy gets going.

Leash and Collar/Harness
I got a collar for Oli because we have to have his tags on it, but I prefer to walk dogs using a harness. They get so excited and drag themselves, which usually causes them to choke. A harness is much better for an excited puppy. I love the Friendship collar and leash sets, because you can get a matching collar bracelet!

Dog Bed
Even though I want to make sure Oli sleeps in his crate most of the time, I know I will cave and make exceptions. Jake’s mom gifted us a nice dog bed for him, so that was one thing we didn’t have to get. It even matches our room!

I decided to splurge and get a nice dog brush to try and prevent hair from being everywhere all the time. This brush comes very highly recommended on Amazon, and I’m hoping it lives up to its name!

Lint Roller
Speaking of dog hair everywhere, I also invested in a reusable lint roller to keep myself hair free. Nothing looks more unprofessional than strolling into a meeting covered in dog hair! I love this one first, because it’s reusable, and second, because it comes with a mini travel size brush to keep in my purse.

Of course, every puppy needs toys! We haven’t gotten much yet because we don’t know what he’ll like, but we do plan on taking him to Petsmart to have a look around. I will definitely be getting a few teething toys and Kongs to put treats in. Those really keep them occupied. 

What we feed our baby will make sure he grows well and is healthy. This is not a place to try and save money! Invest in your pets food, no question. I recommend Taste of the Wild as it doesn’t have anything in it that will upset your puppy’s tummy. 

And last but not least, here’s some shots of Oliver! 
He’s a mini Australian Shepherd and will be about 30 lbs full grown.

1 Day Old: 

3 weeks old:

5 weeks old:

6 weeks old:

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