Stitch Fix Review #5

It’s been a while since my last fix due to the holidays coming up. We were gone the entire week of Thanksgiving, and with holiday shopping for others, I’ve put my own shopping on the back burner. But thankfully, I’m completely done with my holiday shopping and I just have to mail all the gifts back home!

For this Fix, I decided to be brave and just tell my stylist to send what she thought would look good. Typically she does a pretty good job trying to give me what I ask for, so I was curious to see what she’d send without prompting.

If you’re unfamiliar with Stitch Fix, here’s how it works:

1.    Create a FREE style profile at
This is the fun part! It’s simple and doesn’t cost a thing. Just give them an idea of your body type and what you like to wear. Upload links for your Pinterest page to give your stylist some inspiration!
2.    When you are ready, schedule your first fix.
After you complete the profile, you can set up a time to have your fix shipped out. Your personal stylist will hand-pick out 5 items just for you based on what you said in your style profile. There’s a $20 styling fee, which is applied toward whatever you keep from your fix! There’s no monthly subscription fee, and shipping is free both ways!
3.    Try on your hand-picked clothes.
The best part! You can try on your fix clothes with what you already have in your closet and see how things work together. You have 4 business days to try them on and decide what to keep. You can even extend that if you need more time!
4.    Check out online.
You can check out on your computer, or through the handy app. You leave feedback for each item for your stylist and let her know your thoughts so the next fix can be even better. You’ll see the $20 styling fee applied to your items here. If you keep all 5, you get a 25% discount on top of that!
5.    Return what you didn’t love.
Didn’t love all of it? Place any unwanted items into the pre-addressed envelope that came with your fix, and drop it in the mail. It’s that easy (and free)!
6.    Schedule your next fix!
You can schedule you next fix any time. You’re not obligated to have one every month. You can request items for special events like a wedding or vacation, get new things every season, or get them as often as every 2-3 weeks! I personally like to receive mine every 3 weeks, just because it’s something fun to look forward to.

Now, on to the what came in this month’s box.

Sophie Rue Arick Pleated Bell Sleeve Blouse ($44) – RETURN

This blouse was what I was most excited for when I had my sneak peak at the box. Bell sleeves are a big trend this fall, and I love the neutral navy color and the pleats. I really thought they added a cute flare. I would have kept it, but it’s a little short for my torso. It hits right at the top of my jeans, meaning when I sit, skin would show. I prefer my tops to be longer, so that was the only deal breaker.

Mavi Freida Skinny Jeans ($98) – RETURN

My stylist has been trying to help me find new jeans for work for the last few fixes. I love that these are dark, because I think dark demin looks more professional. These were very comfortable, but as you can see, they’re short on me and flare awkwardly at the bottom. The 28” length doesn’t work for me since I’m 5’8” and I like my jeans to fit long. This is the third pair of ankle jeans I’ve received despite having said I don’t like them. I feel like they are made for shorter women and just aren’t for me!

DV8 Kaleen Bootie ($95) – RETURN

I have been waiting to receive a pair of booties in a fix! You can see Oli was unsure what to think. I think these are very cute, but aren’t really my style. I prefer a bit taller of a heel. They fit and they’re very stylish, and I love the grey. I tried them on with all of the outfits because they matched everything very well, but just weren’t for me.

Strut & Bolt Isobella Grommet Trim Cape ($68) – RETURN

This is a very interesting piece, and I actually liked it more than I thought I would upon looking at it. That’s why I have the rule of even if I don’t like how it looks, I have to try it on anyway because I seem to always be surprised by things. This didn’t look quite as bad as I thought it would, and was super warm. I’m not typically a fan of metal details, but this looks better in person. The only thing was since it’s a poncho, it’d be weird to wear to work, which is what I focus on. So it was a no go.

Liverpool Elody Puffer Coat ($98) – RETURN

This may be the first item by Liverpool I haven’t liked. I felt like an equestrian wearing it. I am not a fan of anything about it, sadly. Color and style are both off. I tried it on to be a good sport, but it’s a definite no. 


Unfortunately, this was the first box I’ve received that I haven’t kept anything from. I try to keep at least one piece from every box because it applies the styling fee, but I know that I wouldn’t wear any of these if I kept them.

It’s probably my own fault for not telling my stylist what I was looking for. Next time I’ll definitely
 be sure to ask for a few things. 

See anything you like? You can always save the picture to your Pinterest board and ask for it from your stylist! 

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