Trunk Club – Review #1

I got my first Trunk Club box earlier this week and couldn’t be more excited about it. This is my first time receiving this service, and I really like the way it’s set up. I’m pretty familiar with Stitch Fix now, and decided to try something new after SuitableYou didn’t work out. I LOVE Nordstrom and Nordstrom Rack, so knowing they had their own service made trying it out a no-brainer.

Before I show you what arrived in my trunk, it might help to explain a little bit about what Trunk Club is and how it works. Similar to Stitch Fix, Trunk Club is an online styling service for men and women that matches you with a personal stylist. Trunk Club has a few key differences from Stitch Fix though.

What to expect:

  • Instead of 5 items like Stitch Fixmost trunks ship with 10-15 items inside.
  • Typically, you won’t switch your stylist. Once you’re matched with someone, she’ll be your go-to person.
  • You can communicate with your stylist any time you want via email or over the phone. Yes, you read that right! You actually get to communicate with your stylist. This is probably my favorite feature of the service, and the biggest difference from any other I’ve seen.
  • Everything in the box is from Nordstrom, which means you have access to some really wonderful, high-quality brands.
Getting Started with Trunk Club:
  • Create a free Trunk Club profile. Whenever you’re ready, you can arrange to have your first trunk sent. Then the fun begins!
  • You’ll be matched with your stylist, who will select a variety of items that she thinks are perfect for you based on your style profile and anything you’ve sent her.
  • Once the styles are picked, your stylist will send you a preview of the whole Trunk. This is your chance to look over the items she has selected and give feedback. You can reject whatever you don’t like before it even ships. If something isn’t your style or is way out of your price range, let your stylist know. It’s much better to be honest with your stylist, whether about style or price of things. Their goal is to make you happy!
  • Once you give your stylist feedback on your Trunk Preview, she will go back and begin filling your Trunk with new items to replace the pieces you rejected. You won’t get to see the new items before they ship, so there is still an element of surprise when your Trunk arrives. 
  • You can still change your mind. If for some reason, you preview your Trunk and don’t like what you see, you do have the option of cancelling the order.
Now that you’re all caught up on how Trunk Club works, let’s see what arrived in my first Trunk this month!

Carlotta Shawl Collar Cardigan ($145) – RETURN

I have to say, this cardigan is amazing. The fleece on the inside is wonderfully soft, it’s thick and warm, AND it has pockets. My only issue is it felt more like a coat to me with how thick it was, and I wasn’t a fan of the ribbed sleeves. I didn’t love it enough to spend $145 on it. 

Rodell Cold Shoulder Sweater ($115) – RETURN

This was the item I was most excited for in my preview. I haven’t hopped on the Cold Shoulder style bandwagon yet because I’m always cold already, so I felt like it’d make it worse. But I do love the look of this sweater. The only reason I didn’t keep it was because I felt like it completely took away my neck. Jake made a not-pleasant comment when he saw it that really made it easy to part with. Maybe next time.

3/4 Sleeve Shimmer Sweater ($49) – KEEP

This sweater is a perfect example of why I make myself try on everything I get. At first glance, I automatically thought “no way”. But when I put it on, it fit so well it changed my mind! I think the sparkle is great for work and for the holidays. It was definitely a surprise but I love it. 

Lance Block Heel Bootie ($89.95) – RETURN

I was iffy on keeping these booties, but I JUST got a new pair of black ones that I love, so I couldn’t justify spending $90 on another pair. They’re very cute and fit great. That was the only thing that made them a no.

Reverse Diamond Pullover Sweater ($98) – RETURN

Sadly, this sweater had nothing going for it. It was one of the replacement items that I didn’t get to see before it was sent. Not my style at all! 

Seabrook Stripe Sweatshirt ($138) – RETURN

This was another replacement item that just is not my style. The material felt like a towel, and the striping looked like it would come off with one wash. The back detail was cute, but too rugged looking for me. 

Elegant Fleece Cardigan ($59) – RETURN

This was another amazingly soft cardigan. The fleece felt like butter when I put it on. I love the color, too. But I don’t feel like duster cardigans look right on me. I feel like I’m wearing a robe. So despite loving the idea of it, it had to go back. 

Flared Cuff Blouse ($79) – KEEP

I LOVE this blouse. I love the color, the sleeves, the keyhole back, all of it. I figured when I saw it that I’d be keeping it because it’s so cute and perfect for work. Thankfully it fit and looks great because I’m thrilled to add it to my closet!!

Farrah High Waist Skinny Jeans ($126) – RETURN

These jeans were a hard call. They fit pretty well, but were a little too snug for me. I love the high waist since it makes sure nothing shows when I sit down. They were extremely comfortable, as you’d expect. But I couldn’t justify spending $126 on them when I didn’t absolutely love them. Back they go. 

Hunter Plaid Shirt ($148) – RETURN

It’s extremely hard for my to find a plaid shirt that I like. This was comfortable and fit pretty well, but no way was I spending $148 on it. The colors made me think more of Spring than Fall, which in my mind is the only time I’d really wear plaid. Not a keeper for me. 

See anything you would have kept? Save the picture to Pinterest and send it to your stylist as a request! 

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