Work Wear Friday – Dec. 15th, 2017

Happy Friday!! This week has been insanely busy and I’m glad that it’s the weekend. It was a busy week at work with deadlines approaching before the holidays, on top of it being finals week at school and trying to maintain a new puppy!! What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger right? ?

Even with things getting crazy with school and work, my clothes are a way for me to add some fun into the mix. I am trying to force myself to cycle through my entire fall/winter wardrobe without wearing the same shirt. I’m getting close to the end, and I’m sure like me, you have those clothes that you ignore in favor of other things you love to wear. If I truly don’t want to wear something, I make myself get rid of it. Because I know it will just continue to sit there and I will keep picking other things over it!

When I went through my closet for my last clothing purge, that was my rule. If I don’t love it, I can’t keep it. If it’s a ‘maybe’ item, I said if I didn’t wear it in my first rotation of everything, I would get rid of it. I’m down to my last few things, so another purge may be coming…

I got about 4 hours of sleep total on Sunday night because Oliver wakes up every 2 hours like clockwork and takes a while to fall back asleep. So I wanted to be comfortable! These Liverpool Jeans I got from my second Stitch Fix box and I looove how comfortable they are. They feel like jeggings, so they’re very stretchy, but they also look like jeans. Great combo. This scarf is so warm and fluffy over my cardigan sweater. Cold day comfort outfit. 
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The company I work for is awesome, and they got us these warm and comfy Marmot pullovers embroidered with the company logo. Since I was out of the office most of the day on Tuesday taking tours of properties around the area, I was repping OPG. I wore my OTK Steve Madden boots to stay extra warm, and my darker pair of Paige jeans. One of my co-workers actually gave me this Kate Spade purse for helping her clean out her closet when she moved into a new house. I love it!! It’s a great cross-body bag and fits a surprising amount in it.
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I had a few meetings Wednesday and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel wearing this, as I kinda got dressed in the dark (again, lack of sleep). But I got a lot of love from my co-workers on it. I got this Banana Republic shirt at Marshalls for a steal, and this Express Cardigan is one of my go-to layering pieces. This pair of Liverpool jeans is so stretchy and comfortable, and just throw in some booties for the cold December days. I add my favorite watch to most of my looks, too.
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Thursday was COLD. I wanted to wear some warm pieces so I wouldn’t be shivering at my desk. My Kut from the Kloth Burgundy corduroy pants were the first thing that came to mind. I added this Philosophy cashmere sweater (with another long sleeve shirt under it for added warmth) and my black booties. I was warm! I got this simple bar necklace to layer on the cowl neck for an extra something on top. 
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Oh, Friday. I’ve been waiting for you. Another cold day called for a thick sweater. I got this years ago, and I love it because it’s the same color as my eyes so it really makes them pop when I wear it. I felt simple today, but still cute and professional. I love the look of layered necklaces, so I added 2 to my look today for some extra shine. My Ralph Lauren riding boots are super warm and perfect for those cold days. 
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Which look was your favorite? Let me know!

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