How to Hang a Gallery Wall

I’ve been getting the itch to re-decorate our bedroom lately. I decided to do it one piece at a time so that I don’t break the bank all at once. If you’re unaware, I absolutely love Harry Potter, and Jake agreed (surprisingly willingly) to have a few Harry Potter things in our bedroom when we moved in together. Nothing too over the top. The pictures, books on the nightstand, and the pillow.

I wasn’t sure how I’d want to decorate once we moved, so I’ve been feeling it out. I knew a lot of it would be temporary going in. We’ve been here for almost 6 months, and I finally think I’ve decided how to do it. It will look completely different in the next two months! I’ll be sharing more of the before and after journey as we go.

Side note, growing up my mom always loved to re-decorate our house. Every few months she would take things down, re-hang them, move the furniture around and just rearrange everything. The kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room. Not all at once, probably like once a year. It always looked amazing, and my sister and I would be enlisted to help her. So I am definitely my mother’s daughter because I love to rearrange and change things up.

I have a new comforter and lamps picked out that I plan on getting probably next month, but I’ve been wanting to change something for so long, I had to start somewhere! I decided this week that that starting point would be to take everything down and creating a Gallery Wall in our room.

I think the best thing so far is that it actually makes our room feel bigger. There is more space on all of the other walls laying down, so it just looks like more space. Our room is pretty big, but we have a lot in it. Feeling like it’s bigger is a wonderful change.

So, how do you do a Gallery Wall?

Step 1: Remove everything from the walls. Take all pictures in the room down. Or if starting from scratch, get everything together.

Step 2: Lay it out. Move to an area large enough to fit everything. Arrange the pictures to your liking on the floor. Get an idea of how they all fit together. There are many different styles you can choose from for a Gallery Wall. A few examples are here and here. I did mine surrounding a midline.

Step 3: Copy the pattern. Once you get them how you like them, grab some tissue paper or Kraft paper and make cut-outs the size of the pictures in their frames. Mine weren’t exact, but close enough to get an idea of sizing on the wall.

Step 4: Mock it up. Tape the cut outs up on the wall. See how the height of everything feels, the spacing, etc. My first layout actually didn’t end up fitting on the wall, so I had to re-do the layout and try again. Had I just started hanging, it would have a lot of extra unnecessary nail holes in the wall.

Step 5: Mark the nails. If you’re able to, mark where the nails are on the paper so that you can save yourself some struggling with measuring again and trying to get things right. Do it before hand and then just tear the paper away.

Step 6: Hang them up. Adjust them to your liking, make sure they’re straight/even.

Step 7: Admire your work!

Here is the BEFORE:: 

Over the bed

To the left of the bed

In front of the bed

Here is the first layout that didn’t end up fitting on the wall::

I had very little tissue paper to work with, so excuse the roughness! 

Here is the layout I ended up doing mocked up on the wall::

This one fits!!

Here is the FINAL PRODUCT!!

Harry Potter Full Hardcover Book Set

Distressed frames // Gold floating frames // HP quotes // Gryffindor foil print

Large Albus Dumbledore quote print // Thick wood frame (old) similar here // Gold frame // Hogwarts gold foil print // Similar Whole Heart/Whole Life here and here (mine are old from Target)// Similar Triple Picture Frame (mine is from HomeGoods) 

Gold frames in 8 x 10 and 11 x 16 // Hufflepuff print // HP quotes // Distressed frames 

Let me know if you give this a try, I’d love to see how yours turns out! 



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I’m really enjoying the simplicity of less makeup and less hair care lately 😌 it takes me 15 minutes to wake up and get ready every morning, including making coffee and my lunch! I feel more beautiful in my own skin which has been a life long struggle, laugh lines and all. This simple life is more than I ever expected in so many ways and keeps getting better as I go. How could your life be better with less?
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  • Getting rid of the extra stuff in our house we never used has been the best way of keeping it clean and organized. Everything has a place. There are still pictures on the walls and decor items on the shelves, but I don’t feel the need to have EVERY INCH decorated like I used to. It’s nice to have more open space, it looks and feels bigger! .

I always thought I was disorganized, but the truth is I just had too much stuff. Because let’s be real, if organizing your stuff actually worked, wouldn’t you be done by now?
  • Happy Saturday ❤️ I’ve been super inspired to write lately so I’m working on multiple blog posts. It feels so good to write again.

When I started talking about minimalism instead of fashion, my engagement dropped dramatically. Like, 70% probably. It was pretty upsetting in the beginning, not gonna lie. .

But likes and comments and followers aren’t what matter. The people that followed me before followed me for something I’m not talking about anymore, so that change is really ok with me. I’m appealing to a new audience now and I love that. I want to provide value to you guys, it’s the only thing that motivates me. I don’t post just to post anymore. I just had to realize that the people that are left still want to hear what I have to say, so I keep going for you! Thank you for being here ❤️
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I put up a new blog post today about why I decided to give up on my shopping ban and instead focus on a LOW buy year and not a NO buy year. The main reason is it makes more sense for my life because things have come up and I don’t want to guilt myself into not buying something if it will make my life a bit easier. Minimalism is not about deprivation, it’s about intentionality. You can see the post at via the link in my bio ❤️

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