Spring Cleaning! (In Winter)

There is probably nothing I love more than going through our stuff and getting rid of stuff we don’t need. It’s amazing how much crap we accumulate in life, and I hate clutter so I am always trying to minimize what we have in the house.

Since Jake works outside most of the time, the weather kept him from doing much this week. While he was home, he cleaned out ALL of the closets (except our master closet) and organized them. They look great! Since they had so much in them that he was unsure about, he just laid it all out in the guest room for me to go through. Oh, how I love to go through and get rid of things.

I did go through our master closet and get rid of a few things when I did this cleanse, too. There were a bunch of things in there that I kept after my last purge but haven’t touched since. I will be taking them to sell/donate later this week.

Here is everything I had to go through::

I was determined to get rid of most of this stuff. It’s just sitting in closets, so really how much do we use it? I did end up getting rid of about half I think. 
Here is while I was in progress::

I sort things into piles of what I’m keeping, what I want to try to sell, and what I will just be donating. 

And the Guest Room is back to being clean!!

The box is full of trash, the two plastic bags are full of donation clothing, and the basket and black and white bag are things that I’ll try to sell. Whatever I don’t sell, I donate as well. This time, I also went through my jewelry, got rid of underwear and bras I never wear, and socks, too. It’s important to go through ALL the things to get rid of as much clutter as possible! 
Whats your favorite part about Spring Cleaning?? 
Happy Cleaning!!

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