Work Wear Friday – Jan. 12, 2018

I haven’t worked a full 5 days in my own office in the last 4 weeks, so even though I did work all 5 days, because I worked from home Thursday, it felt like a short week. With Christmas, then New Years, going on a business trip, and now a snow day, it’s throwing me off haha!

Despite all that, I still love to be able to share these posts with you every Friday ?. One reason (of many) I love my job is the ability to work anywhere my laptop is, if needed. So when the weather was terrible here in KC on Thursday, we all got to stay safe at home and not have to worry about going to the office. Another bonus, Friday I got to bring Oliver to work with me! My office is only 6 people, and 3 of them are owners of the company. So it’s a very close knit group and it’s very much like a family. And they LOVE Oliver. They were so happy to see him and how big he’s gotten!

Now, on to the week:

Oliver loves to follow me around, can you tell? He’s the cutest photobomber. Mondays call for warmth and comfort even more than any other day. I love the lace on the bottom of this sweater, it adds such a cute detail. But this sweater had reached the end of it’s life, I think. It’s started to just get too worn. So I believe this was it’s just hoorah. Big comfy infinity scarf, some distressed jeans and booties are an easy combination when I just don’t feel like thinking much at 7am Monday morning. All of these exact items are sold out, so I tried to find similar!

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Excuse the dusty mirror — just wanted a close up!
Excuse my yoga mat in the background, I didn’t roll it up lol. Tuesday I went out to Topeka with my boss to look at a hotel our company was considering buying. It was a short trip as someone had broken in to steal the copper pipes and it was flooded. BUT I felt like since we were going out and about, I’d rep the company swag they so generously gave everyone for Christmas. I love this pullover, it’s so warm and fits great. Not to mention our logo looks great. OTK boots for freezing weather, and I definitely have fleece lined leggings on under my jeans as we were outside a lot.

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I loved this outfit! I ended up wearing the scarf a different way, but still loved it. These burgundy corduroy skinnies are warm and a great color. I just had on a black boat neck top under the jacket and black booties, but I just got this jacket and this was the first time I wore it and I love it. Great purchase. And it’s still on sale!!

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Thursday I was able to work from home, so I didn’t actually leave my house. BUT I figured I could share my workout outfit from that day instead, since that’s really what I wore around. Part of my New Years resolution is to really maintain my workout routine. Since we’re getting married in October, I really want to look my best. Even though I’m thin, I struggle with self image just as much as everyone else. People make some pretty rude comments to skinny people! Working out also helps me sleep better, so that’s an added benefit. This sports bra is from Victoria’s Secret, and the leggings are underarmour.

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When I woke up on this wonderful Friday, it was a whopping 6 degrees out. SIX. So, big sweater, big  scarf, leg warmers, boots, and yes, I do have leggings on under my jeans again. I am always cold, so I have to dress warm always. It’s a solid reason why you’ll rarely, if ever, see me in shorts even in the summer. This scarf was a gift from my best friend, but I tried to find similar ones. It’s from Charlotte Russe. 

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Also, just for fun, here’s some cuteness from Oliver being at work with me today. He was a very good  baby and just hung out and slept under my desk. You would think he’s be a distraction to me, but really he distracts my co-workers who kept coming in my office to love on him! How could you not, though? He’s precious. 

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