Engagement Photo Dresses

My idea for our engagement photos was that we could have one nice, fancy look and one casual look.  I looked around myself and only found one dress I liked, and then I realized I could ask my Trunk Club stylist, Taylor, to help me out and see what she could find. I will tell you she did NOT see the dress that I bought before sending me the 2 she sent, she just nailed what I was looking for that well!
These are from my latest Trunk, which had 8 other items in it as usual. That whole review will be up later this week 🙂 If you’re interested in trying Trunk Club, use my link to use my same awesome stylist, Taylor!
After trying them all on and struggling with which I liked best, I thought I would throw it out to you guys to help me decide! Please leave a comment letting me know which is your favorite! Our photos are NEXT SATURDAY, the 24th! Which is also our one year anniversary 🙂
First, the dresses from Trunk Club:
Option 1: Whenever You Call Maxi Dress – $84, XS
This is veery sexy! It fit like a glove and Jake obviously approved. But I wasn’t sure if it was engagement photo worthy. I do love the open back detail and the mermaid style. It’s very flattering for sure. But the snugness also made me worry it’d be difficult to move around in.
Option 2: Bell Sleeve Maxi Dress – XS, $198
Oh, I love this dress. It’s beautiful! Chiffon is one of my favorite materials. The sheer bell sleeves are gorgeous, and the back! Oh my gosh the back. I love the little bow. I told Taylor if I loved a dress, I would splurge on it. This one being almost $200 was rough, though. And my biggest issue is the deep cut in the front. Jake said this was a Mortisha Adams dress, haha. I’m a big fan of keeping things modest, and I’m not sure that neckline would be appropriate for engagement photos that my whole family (and Jakes!) are going to see. 
And now, the dress I got myself:
Option 3: Awaken My Love Long Sleeve Dress – $86, XS
You can see how similar this is to the first one! Same brand and everything. I do love this dress. I’m covered for the most part with a pretty open back detail. My concern with this is the pleats at the waist aren’t flattering on my stomach, so I worry my stomach might look preggo depending on the angle, which I do NOT want! I’m wondering if I steam it if that’ll help.
Please share your thoughts so I can decide before next weekend!!
UPDATE:: I chose the last dress! Click HERE to see our engagement photos!

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