Review of The Ring Boxes: Bridal Subscription Box

I’m pretty sure there is a subscription box for everything these days. I’ve seen a lot of them, and participate in 2 of the clothing ones, but it wasn’t until I got engaged that I was aware of the ones for brides-to-be. Probably due to that creepy thing called the internet tracking what you look at. Oh well.

The one I received is by The Ring Boxes.
Basically, it’s a subscription box that you can subscribe to either monthly, or for 3 month, 6 month or 12 month intervals. The longer the subscription, the cheaper each box is. Monthly ones start at $39.95, getting a little cheaper with more time, down to $35.00 for the year subscription. If you do a subscription, you’re billed on the 15th of every month, and your box ships between the 5th-7th.
The include a variety of things like beauty products, accessories, recipes, clothing, knick-knacks and more. Each month is full of different items, valued at about $70 (based on what my box said). Shipping is an additional $6.95, which I was not a fan of when I checked into it. The subscription was given to me as a gift..I’m not sure I’d pay another $7 a month on top of my membership. But I’m also not aware how many other subscription services charge for shipping. Neither Trunk Club or Stitch Fix charge for theirs, but that may be included in their styling fees.
Be aware, if you choose a membership, their cancellation policy is very unclear. I couldn’t actually figure out what happens if you cancel for one of the longer memberships because the website is not helpful at all. I did gather that the monthly box does not have a cancellation fee as it’s full price and not a commitment.
Now, on to the fun part. Here is what came in my first month:
When you first open the box, you’re greeted with this sweet message.
They give you a breakdown of what is included, the retail value of each item, and who it’s made by. 
Cute hair ties are always needed. 
Lavender bath bomb! 
Chalkboard sign with chalk replaced the Ring Dish that was listed on my “What’s Included” card.
Tote bag that I’m wondering what I’ll ever use it for…
coozie might come in handy at some point. Not a drinker of things in bottles, though. 
I was most excited about this bride tumbler for my smoothies!
I didn’t know my box would include recipes. Very Excited to try them out.  


Overall, I wasn’t 100% impressed with the quality of the things in my box. There’s no way everything in the box totaled the worth they claimed, as I found while looking for similar things to link in this review. Most things were a few dollars less than their “retail value”. I’d estimate this box was right at $40 from hunting on Etsy and Amazon. I definitely understand making a profit, but I do not believe in sacrificing quality to do so. Especially for a company that’s only a year old.
I worry the tumbler will lose the wording after I wash it as it’s very thin plastic. I was also disappointed that one of the things on the list it said I was supposed to get, the ring dish, was switched for the date sign.
The really useful thing from this is the ring cleaner and the bath bomb, I’m excited about both of those. The recipes were also a nice surprise because we enjoy cooking, so I’ll see how they turn out.
Since I got the subscription as a gift, I’m hoping that next months box will be more exciting!
Have you tried a bridal subscription box??


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