26 Spring Sandals $26 and Under

 There are some very apparent trends happening this season! Mainly what I’ve seen so far: espadrilles, mules, and loafers. The one I’m loving the most out of this bunch are the loafers. I bought the pair at the very top in camel, and I also just got these loafers from my last Trunk Club box and love them. I’ve never been super into leopard print but for some reason they just spoke to me. They were a splurge, so I’ll have to be sure to get my use out of them.

Suede Loafer – $25 *FAV!*
(come in 6 colors!)
(comes in 5 colors!)
(also in navy)
(also in black)
(also in black)
(also in silver)
(comes in 4 colors)
(also in black)
(also come in mustard)
(comes in 3 colors)
(also comes in natural)
(also in black & white)
(also in black but they’re on backorder)
(also in black)
(come in 4 colors)
(also in black)
(also in black)
(comes in 4 colors)

(also in black)


In terms of sandals, I am BEYOND ready for the warm weather and a reason to wear some of these. I love the twisted mule slides, they look so comfortable! I also love the flats that tie around the ankle, I had to treat myself to them. They’re perfect for work I love having cute shoes that aren’t necessarily heels when I can be up and walking around during the day.

I also really love these neutral flats because they’re also perfect for work. Any cute, simple flat is typically a win in my book because they’re easy to just throw on and go. I live for simplicity. Especially in the summer with being out running errands, I don’t really want to be in heels all day but I’m not a tennis shoe/sneaker person, either. So flats and sandals are my best friend in the warm months!!

I was happy to round these up for you ladies since they’re all really well priced and that’s my favorite thing about them! In my opinion, it’s always best to get inexpensive “trendy” shoes, because you probably won’t wear them again the next year. You’ll want the new trend for the season. But those classic things you know you’ll wear over and over, year after year, those are the things to invest a little more in.

Which pair is your favorite?? I’m coming up with a new post including all of my favorite Spring shoes at all different price points for you guys next week. There are some great deals going on!!

Happy Wednesday!



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