The Ring Boxes Review #2

I already got my second Ring Box package in the mail and this one was definitely a step up from last time! There was less in it this time, but I think that has to do with the value of the products they included.
Last time, I wasn’t 100% sold on this subscription. But since it was a gift, it’s easier to accept. I just want to make sure any of you guys that get it are fully satisfied with the quality of what you’re getting!

That being said, I’m happy to say I felt the quality was better this time and I really liked what I got. I felt it hit closer to being worth $40 for all of it. Let’s see what all came:

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The list of what’s included
This month’s recipes

Rose Gold Diamond Stud Earrings – $50
Mrs. Stemless Champagne Flute – $9.99
Racerback Tank – $19.99
Peppermint Lavender Lip Balm – $4.00
Racerback Tank // Peppermint Lavender Lip Balm // Mrs. Stemless Champagne Flute // Rose Gold Diamond Stud Earrings // Diamond Cake Toppers
I really like the racerback, it’s cute and I can always use more workout shirts. I feel like I should get a little organizer to keep all of my new recipes in. I haven’t gotten to try them out yet but they seem like they’ll be great.
I also love the champagne flute, but I do wish they had sent a matching set. What will I do with 1 after all?
The earrings are a little off-color, as you can see in the picture the center stone isn’t nearly as shiny on the right one.
I can always use more lip balm, and this one smells great. And I like the little cake toppers, I will take them home with me for my bridal shower in August.
Overall, I do think this one was better than the last one. Fewer things but a little nicer in terms of quality. I found some similar pieces and listed them for you below!

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  • 🥰Our first Valentine’s Day being married was so special! Nothing like getting a beautiful arrangement of roses, right ladies?! Jake had them use pink and lavender roses and lavender sprigs between them to fill it out instead of baby’s breath. It smells so good!! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day ❤️
  • Happy Valentine’s Day!! I’m working on a little DIY a project today 😍 can’t wait to be done and see the finished result. And to celebrate ❤️ day with hubby later! I hope everyone has a wonderful day filled with love. P.S. — 2 years ago I was single on Valentine’s Day and I made myself a whole cake 🎂 so don’t be afraid to treat yo’self 😎 just sayin! #liketkit
  • The weather in the Midwest is crazy, y’all. It’s been nice the last 2 days (in the 50s) and it’s gonna snow this weekend. I’m so ready for Spring!!! 🌷
I’ve been putting together a really fun capsule wardrobe for this season to help with those transitional months before it really gets warm. I’m excited to share it all with you soon!! 😍 Happy 🐪 day!! #liketkit
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  • Comfy casual for errands is my style 👌🏻 also I love this hat because on the days I don’t feel like doing anything with my hair, hats are a lifesaver. And dry shampoo 😂. I put a poll up on my stories yesterday asking if you guys want to see a series of posts on #cozyminimalism and the answer was an overwhelming yes! I’ve already started working on them and will start posting next week so stay tuned!! In the mean time, check out my post on 12 ways you’re wasting money on clothes and how to stop. We’re all guilty of it 🤷🏻‍♀️. Click the link in my profile to read! #liketkit
  • Fun fact day about my wonderful husband: Jake has this uncanny ability to make me smile and laugh even when I’m sick. I was in bed all weekend but somehow he managed to still make me feel better. 
He is the king of puns and loves to make corny jokes. I’m talking real bad dad jokes. But I think they’re hilarious, and his enthusiasm and the fact that HE finds them so funny is the best part.

It’s the little things like this that showed me he was my perfect person. That and he told me he was going to marry me after 3 weeks of dating 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ which also made my laugh at the time but 9 months later he was down on one knee! 
That was also the same day I tried to break up with him because I had just gotten out of a bad relationship and I was starting to like him way too much too soon. I told him I wasn’t ready for another relationship and he literally said “are you trying to break up with me? We’re gonna get married.” I busted out laughing but he was so serious.
Even then, I could tell he really believed that. Now 4 months into our marriage he still shows me every day he wants to be married to me ❤️👰🏻🤵🏻 We have to appreciate the little things like the bad jokes because the effort behind them is how people say “I love you” in other ways. Happy Monday 💕#marriedlife💍 #marriagegoals
  • It’s Friday!! Every day we deal with this intense cold, it’s a day closer to Spring 🌷😍. Shop this look at or via the link in my profile 💕 #liketkit

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