Trunk Club Review #3

For this Trunk, I asked my stylist to help me find a dress for my engagement photos. I love being able to ask for specific things!! 
fashion, spring fashion, womens fashion, business women, boss babe, trunk club,  fashion blogger
Because of the success I’ve been having with Trunk Club, I’ve decided to put a hold on my Stitch Fix boxes. I’m tightening down my budget due to the wedding, and decided I don’t need to have 2 services sending clothes every month. 
fashion, spring fashion, womens fashion, business women, boss babe, trunk club,  fashion blogger
If you aren’t familiar with how Trunk Club works, here’s the run down:

What to expect:
  • Instead of 5 items like Stitch Fix, most trunks ship with 10-15 items inside.
  • Typically, you won’t switch your stylist. Once you’re matched with someone, she’ll be your go-to person.
  • You can communicate with your stylist any time you want via email or over the phone. Yes, you read that right! You actually get to communicate with your stylist. This is probably my favorite feature of the service, and the biggest difference from any other I’ve seen.
  • Everything in the box is from Nordstrom, which means you have access to some really wonderful, high-quality brands.


fashion, spring fashion, womens fashion, business women, boss babe, trunk club,  fashion blogger
Getting Started with Trunk Club:
  • Create a free Trunk Club profile. Whenever you’re ready, you can arrange to have your first trunk sent. Then the fun begins!
  • You’ll be matched with your stylist, who will select a variety of items that she thinks are perfect for you based on your style profile and anything you’ve sent her.
  • Once the styles are picked, your stylist will send you a preview of the whole Trunk. This is your chance to look over the items she has selected and give feedback. You can reject whatever you don’t like before it even ships. If something isn’t your style or is way out of your price range, let your stylist know. It’s much better to be honest with your stylist, whether about style or price of things. Their goal is to make you happy!
  • Once you give your stylist feedback on your Trunk Preview, she will go back and begin filling your Trunk with new items to replace the pieces you rejected. You won’t get to see the new items before they ship, so there is still an element of surprise when your Trunk arrives. 
  • You can still change your mind. If for some reason, you preview your Trunk and don’t like what you see, you do have the option of cancelling the order.

Now that you’re all caught up on how Trunk Club works, let’s see what arrived in my Trunk this month!​​​​​​​​​​​​

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This is like a cute sweatshirt. The sleeves definitely add a nice detail, and it literally feels like a sweatshirt. It wasn’t quite as soft as I was expecting, and I try to only get things that I can wear to work so I had to pass on this. But it’d be great for a casual weekend top.
I was hoping to like these because I’m a big fan of Toms, but they didn’t fit very well. I think they were a little too big. The front part of them is the typical canvas material of toms, and the back part is suede. They’re so cute, but also out of budget for not absolutely LOVING them.
These jeans were waay too loose in the waist. I also just wasn’t a fan of them in general. I might do bootcut if they were a dark denim, but didn’t like the black. Nothing exciting about them. 
My stylist sent this to go along with the dresses, but I actually liked it better to dress up this sweatshirt a little bit. It was a good size for it and added a cute flare. I didn’t want to pay $48 for it, but it was cute nonetheless.
I did like the way these fit, but I wasn’t a fan of the color. I had asked for a new pair of distressed jeans, but I didn’t specify that I was wanting dark wash denim so that was on me. These were comfortable and had a nice stretch, just not exactly what I was wanting.
In my original preview of this trunk, Taylor was going to send this shirt in coral. I asked for a different color because coral doesn’t look good on me, and black is always a safe alternative. I thought this was so cute, and fit great. The faux wrap and peplum waist is very flattering, and the flutter sleeves are a great detail. It’s great for work!
When I asked for distressed jeans, I asked for black and white pairs. These are so cute! They’re the perfect level of distressed for me without being too much. The only thing I’m unsure about is the ankle length and the raw hem style. I want to be able to wear them for a long time and am unsure about how long that trend will be around. I decided to send them back and asked for a pair just like this with a normal hem. I put these up on my instagram stories and asked your opinions and got more No’s than Yes’s which helped a lot!
Tie Waist Blouse – RETURN
I love this top. The sleeves, the tie waist detail, the color. It’s perfect for work and looks great with jeans. The price made me a little iffy, as $80 for a shirt right now is a stretch, so I decided it’d depend on what else I kept from this trunk if this shirt would make the cut. Because it was pretty difficult to put on due to the wrapping getting tangled, I decided against it. But it is so pretty and I might come back for it later.
This dress was almost exactly like the one I bought for myself! I told Taylor she nailed it with both dresses she sent. Sadly, this one was too snug. It’s an XS, which is usually my size, but this was too tight in the shoulders with the lace because it didn’t stretch. I do love the dress, and especially the back of it, but not being able to move much posed some problems! And in hindsight, it would not have been comfortable for the outside venue we chose for our photos.





This was the dress that everyone loved! Thank you for reaching out! I also love this dress, it’s gorgeous and wonderful quality. However, the cost was what did it for me. I didn’t want to spend $200 on a dress right now. I also didn’t feel comfortable with how low cut it was. As beautiful as it is, it was not the one I ended up keeping.
I think that Taylor gets better every time at nailing my style. The best thing about Trunk Club is the ability to actually speak to her! We talk on the phone and I can also text her through the Trunk Club app. She pays attention to what I post on Pinterest so see the styles I like, and that’s how she decides what to send.

If you’re interested in trying Trunk Club, use my link to try it out and Taylor will be your stylist, too!

What is your favorite piece from this Trunk?



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