How to Use the T3 Curling Wand – Curl Tutorial

I tried sooo many different curling irons, wands, curlers, etc. before finally just caving in and purchasing the T3 Curling Wand. Because of the price tag on it, I was trying to find something comparable to it first. But all of the bloggers that I follow use this exact wand and their hair is always flawless. It looks amazing, and they all rave about it!! So after many trial and error runs, I just decided to spend the money because I knew it would be an investment in my hair and BOY am I glad I did. Oh my goodness.

I got my wand on eBay and spent a total of $100 with shipping. A new T3 retails for $270 and comes with 3 different attachments. I use the 1 inch attachment and knew that was the one I wanted, so that was the only one I’d need. I found another one on eBay for you guys that’s only $90 including shipping and that is a STEAL. I’ve linked it for you here! There’s only a few so when they sell, sorry if you missed it! But here is a link to all other T3 products on eBay. I have my eye on their straightener, too.


Best things about it:
It’s SO easy to figure out. I watched 1 tutorial and got it. Compare that to another where I had to watch at least 7 and still couldn’t figure it out. That might be a reflection on me more than the product itself, but I definitely prefer simplicity. If you’re a newbie like me, I recommend a heat resistant glove so you don’t accidentally burn yourself while you get used to the motion. I speak from experience.

I prefer a wand to an iron because for me, it’s easier to wrap my hair around than to clip it, pull it down and roll it up. One step = easy. Plus, my hair is layered so actual curling irons don’t work as well for me.

Here is the Tutorial video on how to use it. I’m sharing both a long version and a shorter version so you can decide which is better for you. The longer one has some of my tips throughout and the shorter one is just a sped up version of the process of using the wand to see the motion. There’s also a written How To below for anyone that doesn’t like videos All of the products that I use are linked below, including the same T3 that I use available on eBay!! Enjoy!






If you’re not a fan of videos, here is the written how to:

How to use it:

  1. Grab about a 1 inch piece of hair and comb it out
  2. Hold the iron with the barrel facing down and the cord end at the top (pictured above)
  3. Wrap the hair around the downturned wand AWAY from your face with the iron behind your head
  4. Hold there for 20 seconds
  5. Leg go of the hair voila: a curl!
  6. Once you’ve done your entire head, apply hair spray and let your hair sit for about 20 seconds without doing anything to it
  7. After the 20 seconds, flip your hair upside down and back up to loosen the curls (I do this twice, it’s your preference)
  8. Re-apply hairspray (optional) and you’re done!


Here is the after!

Click THIS LINK to get the same T3 I got for $90!!! 

Click HERE for other T3 products at great prices

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