Work Wear Friday – April 27, 2018

Happy Friday!! I put up a poll yesterday asking if you guys would prefer to see a Work Wear Friday post today or see something new, and it was very close but WWF won by 2 votes! Thank you to everyone that voted, I appreciate all of your support! I think since it was so close, I will post something different next week just to change things up a bit.

There was no WWF post last week due to the fact one of my best friends had to have emergency surgery and she was here for 4 days, and then we got our new puppy, Finn, on Friday so there was a lot going on in the Thompson household! But now we’re back on a routine with Finn and Oliver and all is well with my bestie. Finn is in every picture but Wednesday this week because I had an early meeting and left before he was awake!

The weather is FINALLY starting to cooperate now, and I’m hoping I’m not jinxing it for us but other than Wednesday, it’s been a beautiful week.

Here are this weeks looks, featuring a lot of Finn:












Side note: my Gucci belt is actually a dupe so it’s not linked above as ShopStyle doesn’t have it, but I have linked it for you HERE. I get so many compliments on it and actually get stopped be people asking where I got it. I love telling them it’s actually a dupe and it was less than $15 instead of $350!!! They get so excited.

This week was very eventful at work, and I am so happy that it’s Friday and I get to sleep in tomorrow! I say sleep in, although Finn doesn’t really allow that haha. We got passed this phase with Oliver pretty quickly, so we’re hoping Finn will sleep through the night soon, too. Although, he is so tiny his bladder is probably what wakes him up! He’s only 3.5 lbs. So, so cute and small. You see he follows me everywhere. Oliver has chosen Jake as his person, so now that Finn is around, he clings to Jake EXTRA hard.

I think what I enjoy most about sharing my own personal style with you guys is the challenge of re-creating my outfits at different price points. I love to hunt for good deals and share them with you guys, so I link like 12 pieces in every outfit so that you have things to choose from depending on what you want to spend. If I can’t share my exact piece I get as close as possible. It’s really enjoyable to write for you all and I truly appreciate your trust in my opinion on styles, brands, and just your overall support of my blog. This is what I love doing and you reading this, clicking the links, and purchasing things helps keep in possible!! So THANK YOU!!

If you guys have anything you specifically want to see in a post, please feel free to reach out to me and let me know. All of my contact info is in the ‘Contact’ tab at the top of the page!

Side note, Finn is at work with me today to meet everyone 🙂 He’s just sleeping on my lap. It’s adorable.

Does anyone have plans this weekend? Jake will be working, and I have a final to write, so I’ll be hanging out with the fur babies.

Have a lovely weekend!!





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