5 Things My Mom Has Taught Me

In honor of Mother’s Day, I wanted to share a post dedicated to my amazing mother and 5 of the most important things she’s taught me throughout my life. I think every mom tries to always be a perfect example for their kids, and although life threw some curveballs at our family, my mom is still the most amazingly positive person you will ever meet. She has taught my sister and I so much that I couldn’t even try to get it all down, but I rounded up some of the finer points to share today.

Today is also my momma’s birthday! She was born on Mother’s Day and her birthday is always within a few days of it every year, if not right on it. So my sister and I got to spoil her extra this year to let her know how special she is and how much we appreciate her. I think all kids go through a phase in their teens where they think their parents don’t know anything and how could they possibly relate? Then you turn 20 and start to see your parents are always right, so just shut up and listen. I’m now 26 and ask my mom’s advice on EVERYTHING. She knows every aspect off my life and is one my best friends.

Here is my list of lessons she taught me, most of which I had to learn the hard way:

1. Always put God first. No matter what happens in life, my mom sticks to the fact that God has a plan, and we just have to surrender to that plan and accept things as they are. She does what God would want, even though people (including me sometimes) don’t always understand the reasoning behind her decisions. She loves the Lord FIERCELY and is not ashamed of it. She’s taught me that God is the only one whose opinion truly matters at the end of the day, so you have to live for Him and how He would want you to live. I’m so proud of her for always sticking to her beliefs and not letting others influence her even when they don’t agree. I don’t think it’s a common thing anymore for people to act and think the way she does without worrying about what anyone else thinks about it. I’m truly thankful that she’s helped me see the real importance of my relationship with God and been patient with me while I figured it out for myself over the years.

2. Love yourself more than anyone else loves you. I think my favorite new trend I’ve seen lately is self-love. Everyone is starting to see that it’s so important to put yourself first because if you aren’t in tip-top shape, you can’t give your all to anyone or anything else. If you don’t take care of you, no one else is going to! I think the main things I’ve learned about self-love are that you have to have boundaries and stick to them, you really do need an adequate amount of sleep at night to function at a healthy level, and you really are what you eat. I truly enjoy sleeping and eating well as an adult, and while I rebelled quite a lot as a child, her lessons were well enough engrained that they came back when I needed to remember them.

3. Respect yourself. This is slightly different from loving yourself, but does have some overlap. Self-respect is also about setting boundaries, and for me specifically, it was understanding that I need to have enough respect for myself to know when to walk away from a bad relationship. This includes not only romantic relationships, but bad friendships and bad jobs as well. It also goes along with how you dress and your overall attitude. My mom is a big proponent of dressing modestly because it’s a sign of respect to you and to God. I’m not saying wear high neck long sleeve maxi dresses every day, but not wearing things that leave nothing to the imagination is more along the lines of what I take from it. Unfortunately for us women, society has a negative connotation associated with revealing clothing and I feel better not being included in that and the extra unwanted attention that comes along with it.

4. Be Polite. I grew up in a military family, so manners were always on point with us. We always said yes ma’am, no ma’am, yes sir, no sir in our house (and of course please and thank you). If we said “yea”, we’d get a quick “what was that??” back. People LOVE when you’re polite to them, and I’m pretty sure that me speaking that way in interviews has given me an advantage over other candidates as you come off more professional. My grandpa also instilled the importance of having a firm handshake, which also makes a big difference in how you’re perceived by others. I’ve gotten a lot of compliments on both of these things throughout the years and always mention mom and grandpa’s lessons to give them credit.

5. Don’t be afraid to work hard. I also grew up around a ton of entrepreneurs, so I got to see first hand what it meant to work hard. My grandpa, all 4 of my mom’s brothers, my mom and my dad all owned their own businesses at some point (or still do). Being around people who run their own business shows you what it’s like to put in real hard work and not stick to a clock. My mom works so hard and I’m so proud of her for all she does. You have to work toward what you want and not be afraid of failing. Failing is necessary in life and you just learn your lesson and move on. People respect hard work and find you much more reliable, which is great for moving up in your job.

And here are some fun pictures with my momma that I love so much 🙂

Memorial Day 4 years ago

The day we found my wedding dress!!

My momma and my Godmother at my baptism 3 years ago

Mom and my sister Julie two Christmases ago

Out for a shopping trip 🙂

Julie’s 5 year wedding vow renewal September 2016

One of my favorite pictures ever!

Getting ready for the ceremony

Christmas 4 years ago we surprised our mom with a new TV and DVD player. She tends to cry when we give her gifts 🙂

What are your Mother’s Day plans? We’ll be with Jakes mom and grandma today, and I get to Skype with my mom and sister to open gifts 🙂

Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing momma’s out there, and to the momma’s like me who carry their children in their hearts instead of their arms.



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  • Enjoying a wonderful long weekend trip to Wisconsin visiting Jake’s older brother and enjoying allll the cheese curds 🧀
I’m working on limiting my social media activity and only taking one picture to capture a moment instead of 30 trying to get them perfect. It’s been a nice side effect of minimalism and it’s helping me learn to not be so concerned with what others think, stop playing the comparison game, and live in the moment. I’m much more relaxed and happy without all the unnecessary drama and stress of the world. Definitely recommend trying it out if you struggle with anxiety like I do ❤️
  • I’m not a big selfie person so here’s one with my little ham to make it better while I show you my new hair🤳🏻
. 💇🏻‍♀️ I’ve cut off 8+ inches of my hair since my wedding. This last cut over the weekend was the big finale, an additional 4 inches off. Doing it slowly made it less of a shock and helped me confirm it was really what I wanted. This is the shortest my hair has been since I was 5!! My mom used to cut it and gave me a mullet once sooo I’ve kept it long ever since 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ My sister @juliestanbridge loooves to tell that story to anyone that’ll listen. I was definitely ready for a change and I’m thrilled with this length. .

I’m really enjoying the simplicity of less makeup and less hair care lately 😌 it takes me 15 minutes to wake up and get ready every morning, including making coffee and my lunch! I feel more beautiful in my own skin which has been a life long struggle, laugh lines and all. This simple life is more than I ever expected in so many ways and keeps getting better as I go. How could your life be better with less?
  • Today is a happy excuse to share some wedding photos ❤️ .

I’d be so lost without my mom and sister. I’m so blessed to have such a close relationship with them both. It wasn’t always this way but I’m glad that as I grew up, I realized how much I needed them both. They’re my rocks. .

I’m thankful for my mother-in-law because she’s accepted me wholeheartedly into the family and she raised my amazing husband and taught him how to treat me. Not everyone is so lucky to actually love their in-laws so I really appreciate this and don’t take it for granted!

I’m thankful for my Godmother, Kim, my best friend Courtney’s momma who is literally like a second mom to me and I love her whole family dearly ❤️ they’re a constant blessing. .

And Happy Mother’s Day to the moms out there like me who hold their babies in their hearts instead of their arms 👼🏻 You are celebrated today, too! #happymothersday
  • Getting rid of the extra stuff in our house we never used has been the best way of keeping it clean and organized. Everything has a place. There are still pictures on the walls and decor items on the shelves, but I don’t feel the need to have EVERY INCH decorated like I used to. It’s nice to have more open space, it looks and feels bigger! .

I always thought I was disorganized, but the truth is I just had too much stuff. Because let’s be real, if organizing your stuff actually worked, wouldn’t you be done by now?
  • Happy Saturday ❤️ I’ve been super inspired to write lately so I’m working on multiple blog posts. It feels so good to write again.

When I started talking about minimalism instead of fashion, my engagement dropped dramatically. Like, 70% probably. It was pretty upsetting in the beginning, not gonna lie. .

But likes and comments and followers aren’t what matter. The people that followed me before followed me for something I’m not talking about anymore, so that change is really ok with me. I’m appealing to a new audience now and I love that. I want to provide value to you guys, it’s the only thing that motivates me. I don’t post just to post anymore. I just had to realize that the people that are left still want to hear what I have to say, so I keep going for you! Thank you for being here ❤️
  • I’ve really been enjoying my time away from social media, but I also still enjoy mindlessly scrolling through pretty pictures sometimes. Life is all about balance. I see a lot of my fellow bloggers also struggle with the balance of creating a successful page and knowing when to give ourselves a break. It can be overwhelming! .

I put up a new blog post today about why I decided to give up on my shopping ban and instead focus on a LOW buy year and not a NO buy year. The main reason is it makes more sense for my life because things have come up and I don’t want to guilt myself into not buying something if it will make my life a bit easier. Minimalism is not about deprivation, it’s about intentionality. You can see the post at DaniThom.com via the link in my bio ❤️

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