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Now that we’ve covered how to START you blog, I figured it’d be helpful to cover some useful things to include on your blog as well. I’ll go through each part of my blog’s home page and give some tips for set up and inclusion.

If you’re looking for the first step, see my post on How to Start a Profitable Blog From Scratch. If you’ve already started your blog, here are some tips on what to do with your page after you’ve got the initial parts set up.




Make sure when you pick your theme, you pick one that you love and that’s easy to navigate. I much prefer the simple layouts personally, but everyone has their own style. I’ve been to visit a few blogs and their page had so much going on or was so confusing that I left — overstimulation is a thing!!

When it comes to your home page, there are a few things you want to get set up:


I use Canva for every graphic I make for my site, including my header. It’s SO easy to use and best of all it’s FREE!! Seriously fantastic haha. Pick a color scheme and an easy to read font and start designing! They offer a ton of free images, and they have some great stock ones for $1. Keep in mind that although is says $1, you have to pay to use it 10 times, so it’s really $10. That was my one downside, but there are so many free ones it doesn’t matter. Or you can upload your own! Just make sure you’re not using someone’s copyrighted work.


Regardless of if you have a brand new blog, set up your email subscription. It’s a great way to connect with your audience and give them special perks down the line. I use MailChimp for mine and it’s free to the first 2000 subscribers. They have really easy to use templates, too so it makes setup a breeze. This is coming from someone who was not at all tech savvy at the beginning of her blogging journey haha.


Social media is the biggest life source to your blog. No one will know about it if you don’t share it! I recommend setting up a Facebook Business Page, an Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest account for your blog. I also set up Tumblr and Bloglovin as well for mine just to cover all bases. When I was first starting out, Facebook was my number 1 source of traffic. Now it’s Pinterest thanks to Tailwind.

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For my Instagram and Pinterest accounts, I just changed my personal accounts into business accounts. Changing them (or creating new ones) allows you to see the analytics of people viewing your site so you can know what people like and don’t like, when your followers are most active during the day to reach them at the best time, etc.

There are so many great advantages of the business pages. I set up new accounts for Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook Business and Bloglovin’ as I didn’t have them before I started. Side note, I didn’t think I needed a Facebook Business page but it actually is very helpful, and it’s required to have a business Instagram account.

I have multiple places on my blog where my social media icons are to maximize exposure. I have them at the very top of the page beside my search bar, under my About Me on the sidebar, and at the bottom of posts for sharing. Some people have a widget that displays them off to the side, or at the top of each blog post. Lay them out however you prefer!


For your menu, you can decide how you want things to be sorted. I recommend having an About page to tell people something about you. Your readers need to trust you and connect to you, so make this a little bit personal and share some a few details about who you are and why you blog. I also recommend having some place on your blog for people to contact you. If not a whole page, add this to the sidebar. Blogger and WordPress have a Contact widget that makes it super easy.

Have pages for your main topics you are going to blog about. If it’s fashion and beauty, those are the ones to include. You can also create drop downs to go to sub-categories for related topics. This is pretty easy, if you need help DM me and I’ll be glad to help you get it set up.

Keep your menu simple and don’t try to include everything. Simple is always better. I’ve been to blogs that have 10 or more across the top and 6 per drop down and I was like woah. Yes, being organized is good, but it can also be intimidating and unappealing to someone trying to navigate your blog for the first time. Stick to broad topics and have a few things under that umbrella. This is also why you have a search bar if people want to find something specific.


The footer of your page is another handy place to have your social media icons. A lot of people also have their instagram feed running across their footer *ahem, me*. I think it adds some extra color and personalization. You can also have an additional contact form down there as well.





I like when people have a little blurb about themselves on the sidebar. It helps to connect you with the blogger and learn something about them. Keep this section short and simple, and go more into depth on your About Me page.


I have my instagram feed featured on my sidebar as it ties in with my blog. A lot of fashion bloggers do this as we blog about clothes haha, so it’s your call whether you want this over there or not. I used Light Widget to get the code, then on your Layout page, paste the code into an HTML/Javascript widget and you’re done! It’ll automatically update once a day and you can customize it multiple different ways to whatever suits you.


You can put ads anywhere on your site. Top, bottom, sides, in posts, above and below posts, etc. Everyone does things differently here, but I put this under “sidebar” as this is where I have mine at usually. I don’t typically have large ads in my posts, but will on occasion if they’re relevant (like this one) or I don’t have many affiliate links in a post. I’ll have some visually appealing ads in my sidebar to rep things I love instead of flooding all of my posts with them. You add these the same way you add the Instagram code, through the HTML/Javascript widget.

I also recommend having a search bar on the side bar for people that want a specific post. You can also add other things like another email opt-in spot, a Popular Posts or Recent Posts widget, and many others.


I think that about covers the bases on the home page. If you guys need any help getting things set up or have questions, please feel free to reach out!!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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  • Enjoying a wonderful long weekend trip to Wisconsin visiting Jake’s older brother and enjoying allll the cheese curds 🧀
I’m working on limiting my social media activity and only taking one picture to capture a moment instead of 30 trying to get them perfect. It’s been a nice side effect of minimalism and it’s helping me learn to not be so concerned with what others think, stop playing the comparison game, and live in the moment. I’m much more relaxed and happy without all the unnecessary drama and stress of the world. Definitely recommend trying it out if you struggle with anxiety like I do ❤️
  • I’m not a big selfie person so here’s one with my little ham to make it better while I show you my new hair🤳🏻
. 💇🏻‍♀️ I’ve cut off 8+ inches of my hair since my wedding. This last cut over the weekend was the big finale, an additional 4 inches off. Doing it slowly made it less of a shock and helped me confirm it was really what I wanted. This is the shortest my hair has been since I was 5!! My mom used to cut it and gave me a mullet once sooo I’ve kept it long ever since 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️ My sister @juliestanbridge loooves to tell that story to anyone that’ll listen. I was definitely ready for a change and I’m thrilled with this length. .

I’m really enjoying the simplicity of less makeup and less hair care lately 😌 it takes me 15 minutes to wake up and get ready every morning, including making coffee and my lunch! I feel more beautiful in my own skin which has been a life long struggle, laugh lines and all. This simple life is more than I ever expected in so many ways and keeps getting better as I go. How could your life be better with less?
  • Today is a happy excuse to share some wedding photos ❤️ .

I’d be so lost without my mom and sister. I’m so blessed to have such a close relationship with them both. It wasn’t always this way but I’m glad that as I grew up, I realized how much I needed them both. They’re my rocks. .

I’m thankful for my mother-in-law because she’s accepted me wholeheartedly into the family and she raised my amazing husband and taught him how to treat me. Not everyone is so lucky to actually love their in-laws so I really appreciate this and don’t take it for granted!

I’m thankful for my Godmother, Kim, my best friend Courtney’s momma who is literally like a second mom to me and I love her whole family dearly ❤️ they’re a constant blessing. .

And Happy Mother’s Day to the moms out there like me who hold their babies in their hearts instead of their arms 👼🏻 You are celebrated today, too! #happymothersday
  • Getting rid of the extra stuff in our house we never used has been the best way of keeping it clean and organized. Everything has a place. There are still pictures on the walls and decor items on the shelves, but I don’t feel the need to have EVERY INCH decorated like I used to. It’s nice to have more open space, it looks and feels bigger! .

I always thought I was disorganized, but the truth is I just had too much stuff. Because let’s be real, if organizing your stuff actually worked, wouldn’t you be done by now?
  • Happy Saturday ❤️ I’ve been super inspired to write lately so I’m working on multiple blog posts. It feels so good to write again.

When I started talking about minimalism instead of fashion, my engagement dropped dramatically. Like, 70% probably. It was pretty upsetting in the beginning, not gonna lie. .

But likes and comments and followers aren’t what matter. The people that followed me before followed me for something I’m not talking about anymore, so that change is really ok with me. I’m appealing to a new audience now and I love that. I want to provide value to you guys, it’s the only thing that motivates me. I don’t post just to post anymore. I just had to realize that the people that are left still want to hear what I have to say, so I keep going for you! Thank you for being here ❤️
  • I’ve really been enjoying my time away from social media, but I also still enjoy mindlessly scrolling through pretty pictures sometimes. Life is all about balance. I see a lot of my fellow bloggers also struggle with the balance of creating a successful page and knowing when to give ourselves a break. It can be overwhelming! .

I put up a new blog post today about why I decided to give up on my shopping ban and instead focus on a LOW buy year and not a NO buy year. The main reason is it makes more sense for my life because things have come up and I don’t want to guilt myself into not buying something if it will make my life a bit easier. Minimalism is not about deprivation, it’s about intentionality. You can see the post at via the link in my bio ❤️

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