How To Style a Bralette

There’s a big trend right now with bralettes, and it’s for great reasons. First off, they’re extremely comfortable. I much prefer them to a normal bra because they’re so easy and you hardly know you’re wearing it. Second, they’re so cute and add a really adorable detail to any outfit. They also work to add some coverage as well, so that’s a plus in my book. I love the oversized shirts and sweaters trend that’s going along with it, and instead of just bare skin, adding a cute, stylish lacey bralette underneath is such a great way to throw in a little flare of your own.

I will say I know that bralettes don’t work for everyone, as my best friend is very gifted in the chest area and needs the real support of a bra most of the time. But for those of us on the smaller side of the spectrum, they’re very a Godsend. I’ve come up with a few ways to style bralettes below to give you some style inspo for this Spring and Summer!


I think the best way this style works is when you are styling casually (AKA I wouldn’t do this at work unless your company is REALLY laid back). The only ways I’ve seen this style work well is with loose tees and tanks instead of fitted things. It just doesn’t have the same look otherwise personally. I love that the bralette gives you the ability to dress up a more casual look with a very subtle sexiness.

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The whole point of a bralette is to show it off a little, right? I size up in my looser fitting tops to be able to wear them off the shoulder and let the bralette peak out a bit. I think it looks better than just a standard bra strap or even bare skin. It adds cute chicness to a simple tee or tank.

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The bralettes with the racerback style are typically a little easier to show off because they have thicker straps. Another big trend from last fall and winter was the open back detail of tops. I love having a beautiful lacey racerback to add under my tie-up sweater. It’s a little sexy but also adds coverage. Plus this saves you from having to go totally braless or wearing a sticky bra and is way cuter!

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This is where the racerback style bralettes really look great. Open back tops give you a chance to show off the pretty lace details without being too sexy with no bra or too boring with a typical bra. I love having lace under open things because (obviously I can’t harp on it enough) I love the extra coverage! I love the layered look of it and it’s become one of my favorite styles. I showed it above for a cute date night look but I also love to rock this look with open back sweaters like below.

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I like to wear a cami under most of my tops, but in the warm months it’s nice just to have a bralette as an additional layer. On low cut tops, having a bralette adds a little extra coverage and a feminine touch. V Necks are great for wearing with the high-neck bralettes that are becoming popular. You can also wear loose V necks off the shoulder a bit as well with normal style bralettes.

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While I will style my favorite white bralette with a white top, it’s more fun to add a pop of color underneath. I like to do rose or grey with white, rose with a grey top, blush with a white top, black with a grey top, etc. Letting the color stand out is part of the fun!

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I saved the best for last as this one is my favorite! I love loose flowy tanks and they’re great for Spring and Summer. In the Spring I love to style them with large cardigans for a cozy layered look.

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Here are my favorites:


What style is your favorite way to wear a bralette??

Have a wonderful Wednesday!



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