Trunk Club Review – May 21, 2018

Happy Monday!! I’m coming into this Monday in a great mood because we had such a productive weekend and it’s such a wonderful feeling!

I can’t believe I already have another Trunk Club box to go through. The time between them seems to fly by. When I first started blogging and was figuring out what I wanted to write about, I knew I wanted to write reviews on Stitch Fix and Trunk Club boxes but used to worry that they’d be space too far apart. Now I actually have an entire list of post ideas I haven’t gotten to yet just because there aren’t enough hours in a day. So I think it’s funny now that I used to think that. Funny how things change huh?

Jake and I spent the whole weekend together and it was fantastic. We did a couples project together, which is the clothes rack you’ll see below. I’m going to do a tutorial on how to build it as it was SO easy and under $50 for the whole thing!! I think it was actually even cheaper than that but I want to get together the pricing so I tell y’all the right thing haha.

I did get a new stylist again this box. This is my third one, and I know my first one got promoted but I have no idea what happened to the last one. I was curious what this new stylist would send me just based on reading other peoples notes about me and my profile I submitted with what I like. I also send along IG names of other bloggers whose style I love in hopes they send me some of their pieces.

If you aren’t familiar with how Trunk Club works, here’s the run down:

What to expect:

  • Instead of 5 items like Stitch Fix, most trunks ship with 10-15 items inside.
  • Typically, you won’t switch your stylist. Once you’re matched with someone, she’ll be your go-to person.
  • You can communicate with your stylist any time you want via email or over the phone. Yes, you read that right! You actually get to communicate with your stylist. This is probably my favorite feature of the service, and the biggest difference from any other I’ve seen.
  • Everything in the box is from Nordstrom, which means you have access to some really wonderful, high-quality brands.
Getting Started with Trunk Club:
  • Create a free Trunk Club profile. Whenever you’re ready, you can arrange to have your first trunk sent. Then the fun begins!
  • You’ll be matched with your stylist, who will select a variety of items that she thinks are perfect for you based on your style profile and anything you’ve sent her.
  • Once the styles are picked, your stylist will send you a preview of the whole Trunk. This is your chance to look over the items she has selected and give feedback. You can reject whatever you don’t like before it even ships. If something isn’t your style or is way out of your price range, let your stylist know. It’s much better to be honest with your stylist, whether about style or price of things. Their goal is to make you happy!
  • Once you give your stylist feedback on your Trunk Preview, she will go back and begin filling your Trunk with new items to replace the pieces you rejected. You won’t get to see the new items before they ship, so there is still an element of surprise when your Trunk arrives. 
  • You can still change your mind. If for some reason, you preview your Trunk and don’t like what you see, you do have the option of cancelling the order.

Now that you’re all caught up on how Trunk Club works, let’s see what arrived in my Trunk this month!​​​​​​​​​​​​

My new clothes rack!! How To guide coming soon!!

Ugg Wedges


Nadri Necklace


Born Sandals


Vince Camuto satin tank // Free People jeans // Ugg Wedges


Cece puff sleeve top


Halogen striped tank // Madewell jeans


Hinge Lace Top


Free People Drape Front Cardigan // Nadri necklace


Barefoot Dreams Cardigan


Caslon Tassle Tank


For this being my first trunk from this stylist, I thought she did a decent job. I wanted to keep about half of what I got, so I had to do some serious pros and cons haha. Also, you see the puppies made their way in. They can’t NOT be involved in pictures.

I knew I wasn’t going to keep the Vince Camuto tank. Although I love the style and it’s great for work, I can’t justify $60 for a blue tank when I have one very similar to it. I do love the material though, and keep in mind if you’re buying this brand it runs large. I wear an XXS in Vince Camuto instead of an XS.

The black jeans I wasn’t expecting to like for some reason, I guess typically because black jeans aren’t very exciting? Not sure. But I LOVED these. They were very high waisted, which is my one reservation on keeping them. I’m not sure if they’re too high for me yet. But they fit like a glove and are a great length.

I wore the Ugg wedges with every outfit because they looked great and I just was not feeling the Born sandals she sent. They were the one item that just did not fit in with the rest. The wedges were extremely comfortable and I could definitely wear them all day and be comfortable. They were just a bit too casual looking and on the pricey side.

I liked the puff sleeve top more than I thought I would at first glance. I typically don’t like boxy puffy sleeve tops, but this had a little bit of a glittery sheen to it and I liked the subtle stripes. I grew more fond of it the longer I wore it. Weird how that happens huh?

The striped tank was pretty big and ill fitting so it was a pretty clear ‘no’. I also wasn’t overly in love with the design or material.

The Madewell jeans felt like butter. They were so soft and stretchy. But they fit weird at my ankles and were a little big in the waist. They also were a little lighter wash than I would have liked. So back they went.

The necklace was very simple and dainty. I loved the quality of it, even the clasp was beautiful. But I prefer longer necklaces most of the time and have one sort of similar, so I decided to pass.

The long sleeve lace top was very pretty! Such a pretty lace design. It had cute little tie details at the bottom of the sleeves that I liked as well. It is all lace with no under layer, so I added a tank underneath. The lace was soft and not itchy which was a plus. I decided not to keep it as there were other things I liked more and I wasn’t 100% in love with this one.

Now, for the pieces I LOVED: the cardigans and the tassle bottom tank.

The drape front cardigan was an instant yes. I’ve actually been eyeing it in the ivory color, and literally have it sitting in my cart waiting to buy it when this one came along and confirmed my decision. I love the material, the lightweight feel, the color. All of it. A million times yes, I looove cardigans.

The Barefoot Dreams Cadigan almost killed me with the price tag. $116 for a cardigan is a bit much, but y’all. You HAVE to feel this sweater. It is so buttery soft, I can’t even tell you. When I put it on there was just no going back. This was definitely a treat-yo-self moment because it literally is probably the softest, most comfortable thing I now own.

And finally, the tassle bottom tank! How cute is this and only $39!! I love the detail on the front, and the back has a slight peplum look to it. I love this top for summer. Can’t even with the cuteness.

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend! Here’s to a fabulous week!




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