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Happy Saturday Friends!

For this month’s interview, I reached out to a new friend I’ve made since beginning my blogging journey. I enjoy Michele’s blog because she blogs about such a variety of things.

Some bloggers believe you need to be confined to one ‘niche’ subject, and you should only blog about that. But I disagree! I think it’s ok to branch out a little and dabble in more than just one area. Michele is a great example of that.

I asked her to share a bit about herself and her blogging journey, and here are her answers:

Tell me a little about you outside of blogging:

So I never know where to start with these questions as there’s a lot about me to say!  But here you go…

I’m Michele!  I have a BA in Biology and nutrition and food sciences from the University of Vermont!  I am the sister of a type 1 diabetic and also the sister of a food-allergy sufferer (allergic to corn, bananas, avocado, etc.).  And besides these few need-to knows, I also am a girl who started her blog using IIFYM and strength training to combat anorexia.

So to answer your question, my life outside of blogging is much better than I imagined it would be given my past.  I have a brown lab (DOG MOM!!!!) that I walk often. I also enjoy kayaking, swimming, and strength training! When I’m not doing these things, I’m either researching nutrition or writing about it.  And I’m currently working on something on the side that I can’t wait to show everyone!

What is your favorite workout/workout brand?

I haven’t tried every brand yet, but I love Fabletics which is why it’s one of the many companies featured on my blog.

Being only 5 feet tall, these leggings fit me the best (as they have short!).  Unlike other brands that I’ve tried a.) they don’t sag b.) they don’t feel itchy c.) they last more than 20 washes!

P.S. I have 8 pairs of the same workout legging from this store!

What got you into blogging and when did you start?

If you look way back, you will see that the last thing I was going to do was blog..and yet here I am today!  I started my own .COM a year and a half ago (in March 2017). At first, it was intimidating, but now, it just seems natural!  I love connecting to others, sharing my journey, and sharing my knowledge with millions of people out there!

What made you decide on your niche?

I might be odd, but I don’t really have a niche.  I am not a fashion, food, or lifestyle blogger, but I post of many things.  I post about fashion, food, fitness, motivation, and share my expertise…

Life isn’t just about being confined into one category, it’s being all you can be.

Did/do you ever plan to make a full time career out of it, or was it just something you wanted as a hobby/creative outlet?

I used to plan everything and now I don’t!  I take one step at a time and keep my mind open to what could be.  You never really know what tomorrow will be, so why stress yourself thinking of what could be?

What do you enjoy most about blogging?

That’s a hard question!  There’s so much I love about blogging, as it truly changed my life.  I love working with companies and networking with others. But I also love sharing what I know as there really is no better feeling than getting a DM saying that you helped someone get through the day.  I also love that I’ve been able to try new products (fashion or food) that I never would have beforehand. It’s really a cumulation of these aspects that make me love blogging!

What has changed most about your blog since you started?

I think I captioned it perfectly on my this Instagram post… “So I’ve been looking at my account and many others before me. And it’s funny (and slightly embarrassing) looking back as things change. ✨Maybe we are not the same we were a while back, but maybe we are better in that we kicked a bit of insecurity and struggle away.”

The fact is that my blog is not the same as it was when I first started, and it shouldn’t be.   It’s not just about sharing my journey, but it’s about sharing food, fashion, and home decor. It’s about finding balance and not being confined.  It’s about finding what works for me (and you) rather than following along with others or being confined!

How were your first 6 months?

When I first start blogging my blogs were SO LONG!  I would write and write, and perfect everything, (or even delete the blogs that I did write!).  Now, it’s all about being imperfectly perfect, so that I have time to do other things besides write one blog!

Any other bloggers/instagram influencers you love to follow right now?

While many bloggers/influencers use others as a stepping stone to get the fame they want or need, there are many bloggers that I love to follow because they are entirely different!  I have a few “famous” blogging girls that I’ve connected with that are honestly one-of-a-kind girls! But there are others who are less famous such as yourself [aw :)] and others that I love to follow because they are genuine and so sincere.

And while I hate to point out who I love to follow, all I can say is to give everyone a chance!  If you look on my Instagram you can see a variety of different people whom I follow. And the fact is that I’ve learned so much from each individual as they are more than just an instagram feed or a blog.

What do you feel is your biggest accomplishment thus far? What do you hope to accomplish down the line?

I wrote this article about nutrition labels being wrong, and it’s still one of my favorite accomplishments. After publishing it, the companies retracted the recipe from online and the yogurt company quickly changed its labeling.

Based on my knowledge and background with my two brothers and with myself, I thought this was my greatest accomplishment as it helped others stay on TRACK with their health.  (Could you imagine a type 1 diabetic eating a yogurt such as this one, and not understanding why their blood glucose was off?)

Essentially, this article showed others how to be an educated consumer and to understand what is really going on with marketing.  And that’s one thing I’m passionate about… shedding light using my experiences! (P.S. Much more is going to be written about on the blog!)

Do you have any key tips for newbies out there?

Like I always say… say yes and take it day by day.  Some days may be great and others not so much, but you never know where your journey will lead if you give up.

If you want more “Michele-isms” or have any questions feel free to contact or follow me!  Would love to hear MORE about you and your story!







A huge thank you to Michele for taking the time out to do this interview with me!! I love love love sharing other blogger’s stories and learning about them. Check out her pages and give her a follow!

And have a wonderful rest of your weekend!!



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