My Surprise Bridal Shower

My dress // my shoes // earrings // cake topper // Bride to be sash // Photo Props

Sorry about the quality of the pictures, I didn’t get many on my own phone!

Though my Bridal Shower was back in August, and it’s now October, life has been a bit chaotic and this is the first chance I’m getting to share it with you!

If you haven’t already seen the post about my bachelorette party, you can check that out here. Being from the East Coast, and my whole family and bridal party (minus one) being back over there, I flew home to celebrate with everyone there. I did my bachelorette party and my bridal shower in the same weekend, and both were a complete surprise to me!

My sister and Matron of Honor, Julie, planned everything with the other girls and they made sure everything was a surprise. The day of the shower, we got up and got ready, but I had no idea what we were doing. My mom and sister had left the night before to get ready for everything. Two of my bridesmaids, Carolina and Toby, were put in charge of getting me to where we were going.

We went to have breakfast (aka get donuts because I LOVE THEM), and then headed to what they told me was a wine tasting adventure until we were ready to go to the shower.

I was a bit suspicious of this because I don’t really drink, so I thought, “why would they take me wine tasting?”. When we got to the vineyard, my mouth fell open at the view. It was absolutely GORGEOUS!! We were at Breaux Vineyards in Northern Virginia.

When we got there, I saw my moms car which just confirmed my suspicions haha. But what I didn’t expect was everyone that was there! I got to see a ton of my family that I haven’t seen in a long time, and some old friends I also haven’t seen in probably years. It was so, so good to catch up with them.

My mom and sister did an amazing job keeping everything a surprise, and the venue, decor, all of it was just perfect.

It’s so fun to recap now that we’re at the week of my wedding! I can’t believe it’s finally here! EEEK!!

Have a wonderful rest of your week!



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