Merry Christmas!

Wow, just like that Christmas is over. Presents are all unwrapped, we’re back in the comfort of our own home, and all of the hecticness has passed!

I spent this Christmas with my husband’s family and had a lovely time. This was our first Christmas married and our second Christmas together. We got engaged on Christmas Eve last year, so it was fun to reminisce on the excitement of last year and this year. I also got to celebrate with my own family via Skype as they’re all about 1600 miles away in Virginia.

How did you spend your day? Hopefully it was a joyful one filled with happiness, family and love. And food. Lots of food.

I wanted to share our Christmas looks with you all and wish you the most wonderful holiday. I am so beyond thankful to have you here, and though you may not realize it, you being here reading this makes a huge impact on my life and lets me keep doing what I love doing — blogging! Thank you so, so much.

If you follow me on Instagram (which you should if you don’t 😉 ), you’ll know I’ve been talking about this adorable reindeer sweater this week and I was so excited to wear it! I thought it was so cute. It’s currently 50% off making it $27!

Now, here are the various looks from today!

Jake: pullover // jeans // shoes
Jake: top // bottoms
Me: top // bottoms
tree // pom blanket // lanterns // stockings // stocking holders // Thompson sign

Not gonna lie, I love the matching PJs thing for the holidays. But I also knew Jake wouldn’t be too happy in the super over the top ones, so I went more simple with the buffalo plaid.

The boys were so exhausted from all the excitement of staying at Jake’s mom’s house and there were so many people and other dogs there we could hardly get them in the house before they fell asleep! I had to move them around to get a good picture hahaha.

Remember the reason for Christmas isn’t about the gifts and what you did or didn’t get. It’s a celebration of the Lord’s birthday. “The spirit of Christmas is not in presents, but in His Presence”


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