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new years eve outfit

Similar faux leather sleeve blazer here and here // All black blazer // Jeans (less expensive here) // Satin & Lace cami // Black dress // OTK boots // Booties // Leopard Loafers // Black heels // Faux Burberry Scarf // Silver necklace // Gold necklace set

With New Years being just a few days away and still trying to play catch-up from all of the holiday spending, it’s not always the most feasible idea to go out and buy a new outfit for one night.

Let’s face it — the kind of things we wear on New Year’s Eve are things we will ONLY wear for New Year’s Eve because they’re typically a little more fancy than our everyday outfits, so we can’t even justify that once we get them we’ll wear them again unless you have a special event coming up. Even then it’s a stretch.

In my humble opinion, the easiest way to prevent impulse spending for NYE is to shop from your own closet! You can totally piece together cute outfits from things you already have in there, and I’m going to point out the main things you can use to create a great NYE outfit without having to spend any money!

The looks above are all just things I had in my closet already that I felt i jazzed up enough for the New Year. We’re also keeping it low-key and going to a house party so I don’t need to be TOO fancy haha.

Here are the main pieces you need to create your NYE look:

Item 1: A blazer. Preferably black, but if you like a pop of color, this is a great night to break out a colored blazer, too! I happen to have a fun blazer with faux-leather sleeves (similar here and here), which I think is perfect for a NYE event. Plus, let’s be real — it’s COLD this time of year (most places) and you need a cute layer under your coat that you can leave on and still look chic. I also styled it with a plain black blazer and it looks just as good!

Item 2: A fun & possibly sexy top. NYE is a fun time to dress up and show off. Even show a little skin if you’re comfortable. For my top, I’m wearing this satin lace-lined cami which is fun and flirty with a touch of sexy. I also think this is a cute option, too.

Item 3: Cute shoes. I’d definitely stick with something more on the comfortable side if you can swing it as there’s a good chance you’ll be doing a lot of standing. My options are my favorite OTK boots, cute, comfy booties, or my leopard flats. You can also do some fun black pumps. All are ok for me to wear for long periods because they’re well broken in. Comfort is king! If you want to rock some killer heels, try to keep some flats in your purse or car for when your feet get tired! You’ll thank yourself later.

Item 4: Dark skinny jeans. They flatter everyone and look super fashionable at the same time. I don’t know what it is but they have such a clean and almost expensive look to them don’t they? And they’ll keep your legs warm when it’s freezing outside! I’m not a big fan of short dresses in the winter, even WITH tights. It’s warmth over everything for me hahaha. These are what I’m wearing (my FAVs), these are a more affordable option I also have and love.

Item 5: Accessories! You can spice up any outfit with the right accessories. If you need more bling or sparkle, that’s an easy fix with a necklace. I got these necklaces for Christmas and they’re both super affordable and great quality and would add a cute touch to any outfit.

Item 6: A little black dress. If all else fails and you can’t decide on an outfit, or you want to look a bit more fancy, break out your little black dress. I rave about this dress all the time because it’s so versatile (and it’s on sale right now!!) You can still add a cute blazer, accessories and shoes and give it a whole new look! I added this cute scarf for some extra warmth and it’s only $15!


 What is your NYE look going to consist of?? I’d love to see it!!

I hope everyone has a fantastic and SAFE New Years celebration <3


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  • I think I’m just gonna skip long sleeve season and go right into sweaters. Since I’m always cold, it should work out 🤷🏻‍♀️. I have a very strong love of sweaters and own more of them than anything else. I love to be warm! PS yes, that white stuff on my jeans is SNOW ❄️ WI was freezing 🥶
I’m currently writing my Amazon fall favorites post and this sweater is part of it 🥰. It can we worn off the shoulder like this, one shoulder or as a cowl neck. Talk about versatile 🙌🏻. I also get so much love on this hat, I linked it in this years version which comes in cream and pink. Shop this look at or in the app ❤️ #liketkit #danithomblog
  • Do you prefer neutrals or lots of color? I obviously love neutrals but pops of color/pattern are my favorite way to spice things up. I’m a big fan of scarves, and this one is a great way to participate in the leopard print trend without it being too much for me. Accessories are my favorite way to change up my wardrobe! 
This scarf and belt are both @amazon wins 🙌🏻 Shop this look at or in the app ❤️ #liketkit #danithomblog
  • An important thing to understand about having a capsule wardrobe is that it can be whatever you want it to be. So many people think they have to stick to the same 10 things and rotate through them. If that works for you, great! But it’s also ok to have more variety if that’s what makes you happy. I used to try to limit myself to a number, but I wasn’t happy with my closet. So I adjusted it to what I felt comfortable with and it’s been great ever since! Don’t force yourself into a box just for the sake of it. 
This cardi is such a pretty color and only $25! Shop this look at or in the app ❤️ #liketkit #danithomblog
  • Heading back home today 🏡 I can’t wait to see my sweet babies!!! I miss them terribly. This weekend was wonderful and it was great to be with family, but I am definitely ready to be back in my own bed 🛌 with my fur babies invading my personal space 🐶🐶. How was your weekend?! Shop my cozy travel look at or via the app ❤️ #liketkit #danithomblog
  • This is me braving the cold 🥶 for the gram 📷 to show y’all this beautiful view! The trees up here are sooo pretty 😍🍁 I shared about this sweater on stories earlier, I’d def wait until it goes back on sale to snag it. I also linked a really similar option and these $15 high waisted jeans that I’m loving. Happy Sunday! 
Shop this look at or via the app ❤️ #liketkit #danithomblog
  • Cuddled up today in this cozy $30 OTS sweater 😍 It’s currently snowing here in Wisconsin so I’m curious how the wedding we’re here for will go later! Glad I brought my coat 😂. We’re right on the water BUT since it’s only 32 degrees right now, we’re just admiring from inside 🥶. How’s your Saturday?? Shop this look at or in the app! #liketkit #danithomblog