7 Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves Under $50

winter must haves

winter must haves

winter must haves

winter must haves

winter must haves

winter must haves

winter must haves

winter must haves

winter must haves

I’ve been wishing for snow all winter and we finally got some more! We haven’t had much this year, and my thought process is it shouldn’t be so cold unless there’s snow. If I’m going to be cold, I at least want something pretty to look at!

Since we got more of the fluffy stuff, I wanted to share my top 7 winter must-haves because all of them are under $50!! I wear each of these pieces multiple times a week and they’re not only great quality but great prices as well!

Teddy Bear Coat

I got this coat this time last year and it was a STEAL! I got it on clearance for $30 because this is when companies start to make room for the spring pieces and start getting rid of their winter stock. That means HUGE savings for you! Some people might think getting a coat this time of year doesn’t make sense as winter is almost over. But we have at least 2 more months here, AND you’ll have it to wear all next year! Plus, you can’t beat the winter clearance sales, and teddy bear coats are SO SOFT. Win-win.

Fleece Lined Leggings

A SOLID staple in my closet. I love leggings as much as the next girl, and there are few things I hate more than being cold. I’m a really big fan of these leggings in particular because they’re control top! They sit high up and hold everything in so you can’t see my food baby after I eat. My issue with some leggings is they slide down easily. I love the high waist on these, and the compression lets me know they’re not going anywhere.

Thick, Fuzzy Socks

Who doesn’t love fuzzy socks?? I’m a big fan of slipper socks, which is what these are, that have the little grippies on the bottom so I have traction when I’m not on carpet. These socks are nice and thick and they keep my feet perfectly toasty.

Basic Layers

A good long sleeve top is SO versatile in your closet. I wear this white one as a layering piece under hoodies, vests, ponchos, you name it. And just simple like this look, with a scarf over top! It’s a heavier shirt so it gives me a good amount of warmth. I have a grey and black one, too, and wear them just as much. Solid colors for layering are a must in the cold months!

Snow Boots

I got these boots a few weeks ago after we had the blizzard and I realized my Uggs just weren’t going to cut it. Especially when it came to taking the dogs out! I’m SO glad I got them. They’re waterproof and so warm. They even run a little big so I can wear my super thick socks with them and be comfortable. I really love that they have a great grippy bottom and I don’t slip and slide in them. The best part? They’re only $45!! 

A Warm Scarf (or two)

This pink and grey blanket scarf was one of my favorite Christmas gifts and it’s also thick and warm. I’m a big fan of blanket scarfs because they are so big and they actually keep me warm on my whole upper body. Literally as I write this, I have it wrapped around my shoulders like an actual blanket.

Touch Screen Gloves

With everything being touch screen now, it just makes sense to have a solid pair of touch screen gloves handy! These are so soft and warm AND water resistant! I keep an extra pair in my car, too.

What are your go-to pieces for winter??


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  1. Fleece lined leggings are an absolute staple for cold NYC winters! I never leave the house without them!

    Posted 1.17.19 Reply


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