How to Always Look Stylish on any Budget

Sweater // Bralette // Leopard Belt // Jeans // Booties // Hat (similar but less expensive here)

Style is such a unique concept because it means something different to everyone. No two people have the same exact style, and our sense of style changes and evolves over time. Sometimes I think back to what I wore when I was 20 and want to smack myself. But that’s just part of the journey, right?

You may think that because you’re on a budget and can’t buy all of the latest trends that you can’t be stylish. Well today’s post is going to change your mind about that.

Style doesn’t so much have to do with WHAT you have in your closet, it’s all about HOW you wear what’s in it. It’s also about the TIME that you put into your look, rather than just throwing something on and going.

Everyone has fashion, but not everyone has style. Think about that one.

So, what are the easiest ways to enhance your style no matter what your budget is?


The main reason I feel put together vs when I feel a hot mess is how I accessorize my looks. Accessories can make you feel like a million bucks! And they don’t have to cost a thing.

Take the photo featured in this post. Let’s break down this look and see all the ways I accessorized. Obviously my leopard belt and fun floppy hat are great accessory pieces. But what about the bralette? Although you can only see a little bit of it, it adds to the look.

And the free accessories? I cuffed the bottom of my jeans, which adds a cute detail and shows off my booties a little more. This sweater is actually a v-neck and I made it fit off-the-shoulder to let the bralette peek through, which completely changes the look. I also front tucked my sweater to create a waist in my look and show off my belt. This works the same way as knotting a t-shirt.

There are tons of free ways to accessorize your looks! Scarves, earrings, jewelry…the list is endless. And these are all typically very inexpensive things! Side note, I also count hair, makeup and nails as accessorizing, too!


My Pinterest is FULL of outfit ideas that I love that inspire what I wear on a day-to-day basis. Even though I blog about fashion, I don’t always have the eye to put things together like the pros, and I’m not ashamed to admit I sometimes re-build my looks based on something else I saw because I really liked it. Search around on Pinterest or even Instagram and find some looks that you really love, and recreate them with things in your own closet!

BONUS: If you have a piece of clothing in your closet that you love but aren’t quite sure how to style it, search on Pinterest! For example, let’s say you have a chambray shirt you love but can’t figure out how you want to wear it, search “chambray shirt outfits” and you’ll be flooded with inspiration.


This is a BIG thing for the stylish ladies. Everyone wears clothes, but style is what you create with those clothes. When you know what you have to work with, it not only helps prevent impulse buys, but when you are out shopping and see something you really like, it will let you know exactly how you could style it and if it would be worth-while to get it!


Instead of impulse shopping, keep a list of things you’re wanting so you can shop the sales and get them for less. Knowing what’s in your closet is crucial for this, but this allows you to get things you know you need when they’re at their lowest price.


Even though I’m on a budget, I still clean out my closet every 3-4 months. It’s actually a big side hustle for me! I love to get rid of things, it’s just me. It might not work for you to do so often, but you should at least go through it twice a year with the big season changes. This let’s you know what you have so you don’t impulse shop and end up with multiples of things you’ll never wear.

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Again, this goes back to the feeling of being rushed. If I allot myself extra time in advance, I will spend it on my hair and makeup. Time doesn’t cost you anything. And you don’t need expensive makeup or hair care products to look great! Just making sure your hair is neat will make a huge difference in how your whole look comes across, and adding some basic makeup like mascara and lip gloss will do wonders, too.


I will forever preach this to everyone. I get SO MANY things second hand that are in GREAT condition and I always pay less than 50% of the retail price. Your budget can get you SO MUCH MORE when you shop second hand. My two favorites are Ebay and Poshmark. I follow a few of my favorite bloggers and when they post things from their closet (that they probably wore maybe a handful of times) I grab it! Especially things I’ve seen them wear and loved! Don’t be afraid of this option, y’all! If you like my style, click here to shop my closet! You can also learn how to make money selling your OWN clothes!

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Nothing crushes my desire to look cute more than feeling rushed. It’s in those times that I just opt for something easy and comfortable and put little to no thought into it. When I take the time to plan my outfit out the night before, I have so much more time to spend accessorizing and doing my hair and make up the way I like because I’m not torn on what to wear.


We all have outfits we love to wear. Have an easy, pre-made go-to look for all big occasions so if you ARE running short on time (or just don’t feel like picking out something new), you already know exactly what to grab and you know it’ll look great! Think everyday errands, cocktail parties, weekend events, date night, big meeting at work. Having a go-to look for what could be a stressful event will help you feel more at ease not worrying about how you look.


When you’re picking things out the night before, make sure everything is ready to go the next day, including steaming! This takes less than 5 minutes for your entire outfit and makes everything look clean and crisp, which is something that immediately elevates your style. I’ve used this steamer for 6+ years and love it.


Similarly to having go-tos, we also have favorites we love to wear. Don’t be afraid to wear the things you love over and over again, that’s why you got them. Clothing is MADE to be worn a lot! If you’re nervous about wearing the same exact look, try to change up a piece or two, or accessorize the outfit differently to give it a different feel. We always feel our best in things we love wearing, and that confidence makes us LOOK better.


Feeding off the last point, this works with everything in your closet. Sometimes we get so set in our outfits that it takes the fun out of getting ready in the morning. You don’t need to add more clothes to your closet to have more options, you just have to get creative with what you already have. Changing the accessories of an outfit can change the whole look and feel of everything. It’s the same thing when I put a wedding dress on a bride and add a belt. It totally changes the look of the dress!

Dedicate some time one day to go through your closet and try on a bunch of things to create new outfits. Leave on the same shirt and try it with a few pairs of pants or skirts. Then switch it up. Creating new outfits from things you already have will make you feel refreshed about what you have in your closet! When you see something you like, add a necklace or scarf, maybe a hat. See what new ideas you can come up with.

No matter what your budget is, there are very easy ways to maintain your own style without spending a ton of money. What is your favorite tip for looking stylish? Let me know in the comments!

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