How to: Simple and Affordable Christmas Bedroom Decor

Christmas is my favorite time of the year for so many reasons. I think there’s just a general happiness in the air and I embrace every second of it. Last year I didn’t feel the “Christmas Spirit” as much because I couldn’t go home and see my family. But this year I started EARLY and I have no regrets.

I wanted to share how I decorated our bedroom for Christmas time and give some tips for how to bring a Christmas vibe into your room when you don’t want to overhaul the whole thing but still want the touches.

As much as I love Christmas, I don’t want to overcrowd out room or have to store a ton of stuff in the off season. I keep in simple, but still have some fun little touches that in my mind make it feel like our own little Christmas Winter Wonderland.

You don’t need a ton of stuff to have the Christmas vibe in your home. Here are a few simple ways to add the festive touches on a budget:

  1. Pillows! An inexpensive and easy way to add some color and festivity that don’t take up too much space when you need to store them. The black and white checkered pillows on the bed are actually pillow covers. I change them with the season and just have to store away the covers. Much cheaper and more storage effective option!
  2. Throw blankets. These don’t even need to be Christmas themed if you don’t want. You can get a red one and a cream one and it’ll be all you need. Or a buffalo check one like mine! Blankets = cozy.
  3. Swap out small accessories. Normally I have two different plants on our night stands but for Christmas I swapped them out with some more festive ones. I also added some little $3-$5 Target items on my desk.
  4. Flower arrangements. Adding some poinsettias around or even some little pine trees can help warm everything up. You can also just add Christmassy flowers to already existing arrangements for a little change.
  5. Garland. Inexpensive and cute! I have two kinds of garland in our bedroom set up: over the headboard and draped across the pictures above the bed. Normally I have a garland of eucalyptus over the bed so I just changed that out and when I saw this little MERRY garland and Target I knew I had to find a place for it somewhere!
  6. A bedroom tree! The best way to get those vibes in your room is to add a little tree to your room. This little 6′ flocked tree I put in our room was only $35 and fits perfectly in the corner. The tree, lights, ornaments, and topper all total under $100. I also wrapped a blanket (which I already had) around the bottom as a tree skirt to give some extra texture.
  7. Twinkle lights. Add some twinkle lights around your room and I guarantee you’ll feel all the cozy vibes. I keep these up year round but they’re definitely better in the winter!

I linked as much as I could from above in the widget below. Jake and I made our bed, headboard and nightstands. He also built my clothing rack (which I shared a tutorial on here!) I got my Christmas pillows from Home Goods because they have the BEST ones! I did try to share some similar options below, though.

You don’t need to spend a ton of money and go all out to bring Christmas into your home. In my world, simple is always better :). *Bonus tip: stock up on Christmas decor AFTER CHRISTMAS! It’s always insanely cheap and you can use it the next year!

Do you have any Christmas Decor tips?! I’d love to hear them below!

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