Goals & Intentions for 2020

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I’m trying something new this year. I’ve set resolutions in the past and I never really stuck to them because I didn’t have a real plan associated with them. This year, I’m setting goals and intentions. I want to have a realistic plan for my year and I want to be able to see the growth and check off the things I want to accomplish.

Back in my corporate world days, I used to set goals all the time. It was part of our every day life. But I’ve gotten away from it over the last few years and want to get back to it because it really is very rewarding to accomplish the things you lay out for yourself and having a guide to getting there.

Usually I choose a “word of the year” that I want to focus on. This year, I have three:

  • Positive
  • Passionate
  • Grateful

I want to focus on having a more positive mindset. I tend to be kinda mean to myself and think negative things about and to myself. I want to work on being nicer and more self-loving this year.

I love working. Whether it’s to do with real estate or here on my blog, I love to accomplish things and I love seeing the reward for the effort I put into things. I want to continue to work on things I’m passionate about this year and help them grow.

Lastly, I want to always be grateful. Firstly to God who provides me with so many wonderful opportunities and has given me such a wonderful life. And then to anyone else who comes into my life and adds positivity. Being grateful every day truly changes your mindset and helps you to always see the silver lining to things.

Now, for the goals I want to accomplish this year. This is a pretty personal post, but I feel like you all are my friends and this is a way for me to be accountable to what I want to accomplish this year. This time next year, I can look back through these goals and see how it all went!

Health/Wellness Goals

  • Meal prep in some way every Sunday
  • Make a conscious daily decision to avoid processed foods and choose whole foods instead
  • Drink at least two bottles of water a day
  • Join the climbing gym when it opens
  • Get my anxiety under check in January
  • Create a workout routine that works for me

Personal Goals

  • Read 3 books a month
  • Go to church at least once a month, preferably more
  • Maintain my haircare routine & deep condition my hair once a week
  • Avoid putting heat on my hair for a whole year
  • Make 2+ new local blogger friends
  • Weekly date nights with no phones allowed
  • Buy our first house!
  • Follow our debt payment plan
  • Create & stick to budget to our monthly budget

Professional Goals

  • Take & pass my Real Estate exam for both KS and MO by March
  • Post on Instagram stories every day, even something small
  • Foster and grow new relationships with my blog community
  • Post at least once a week on my blog
  • Get my first promotion and raise at work
  • Stick to my time blocking schedule
  • Increase my blogging income to put toward debt repayment

Going into this next year, I can’t wait to see what it brings. It’s crazy to think about this not only being the start of the year but also the start of a new DECADE. All kinds of good things to come, y’all!

What are your goals for 2020?? Leave them in the comments below!

As always, thank you so very much for being here. I appreciate you so much.

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