How to Wear Jeans to Work – Capsule Wardrobe Edition

No longer working in the corporate world, I’m very thankful to have the options to wear jeans to work every day. A few years back, I wore a suit to work. Our office had a strict Business Professional dress code, and while it was fun for a while, it’s much more comfortable in my opinion to be able to be more on the casual side.

Because I work in the world of Real Estate, I don’t exactly like to be super casual. We constantly have clients dropping by our office, lenders coming for meetings, or have to run out to do something for a house.

Even though our office dress code is casual, we all still choose to dress a bit on the nicer side. If your office is the same way, or maybe you have casual Friday, I wanted to share some ways to “dress up” your jeans so you can be comfortable but still look professional at the same time!


The easiest way to dress up your jeans looks is to wear a dark wash. Dark jeans look much nicer than light or medium washes. I’ve noticed some dark wash jeans also have a bit of a sheen to them, making them look even nicer. You can’t go wrong with a great pair of dark jeans!


Colored jeans have a bit of a different feel than your typical blue jeans. Wearing a pair with some color can give a fancier vibe. For a more professional and subdued look, I’d avoid super bright colors like pastels or anything too bold. Black or white are a great way to ease into the colored denim branch, or even olive green or burgundy!


Any time you tuck your shirt in, you dress up your outfit a bit. Obviously this doesn’t work so well with thick material like sweaters, but with thin tops, this is a great way to make your outfit look a bit nicer. It even makes a chambray shirt look a bit more dressy!


Wear a nice blouse with your favorite jeans to give them a more dressed up look. Chiffon, satin, georgette, lace, or silk (or any combination of these!) are all great options to mix with jeans.


Probably my favorite style combination of all time! I love wearing jeans with blazers. You can do a nice top with a blazer or even use the blazer to dress up a t-shirt. Both look very chic!


Adding some nice accessories is another easy way to dress up your denim. Throw on a belt with your tucked in top or add some pretty earrings and a nice necklace. Accessories can completely change up your look and dress it up another notch. The above looks are accessorized with purses, a belt, a scarf, a necklace and a scarf. Even the shoes are accessories!


Heels make everything feel fancier, don’t they? Wearing a pair of heels with your jeans will definitely dress the look up and make you feel more put together whether it’s pumps, espadrilles, block heels, etc. Heeled boots and booties are also a great option! Both of the booties above are the same pair in different colors with a 2.5 inch heel which makes them really manageable for all day wear.


If you aren’t a fan of heels, I find that pointed toe shoes in general look nicer than round toe. Pointed toe flats are a great option to look dressier without the heel. Mules and loafers are also a great professional flat option! I’m obsessed with my leopard loafers and get compliments on them every time I wear them! Stick to close toed shoes for a more professional look.

Do you have any tips on how you style your jeans for the office? Drop them below in the comments!

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