My Fall/Winter Capsule Wardrobe

Possibly my most requested post is what is in my own capsule for the colder months. Today, I’m sharing it with you!

My capsule, like many others I’m sure, is constantly changing and evolving. I have no problem trading things in and out as the season goes on. I’ve found with having a capsule that because I’m wearing things more often, I get over them faster.

I don’t keep anything that I don’t absolutely LOVE anymore. When I do decide to let something go, I’ll usually sell it. To shop my closet, click here!

I also follow the one in, one out rule but I don’t set limits on how many things I can have. If I love something enough to add it into my closet, I have to love it more than something else I already have. This helps me keep things trim without number restrictions.

It doesn’t have to be an even trade — if I get a new sweater, I don’t have to get rid of another sweater. But it does have to be something that’s part of my actual capsule like tops, pants or shoes. I can’t trade a sweater for some socks.

So, what does my cold weather capsule consist of? Here’s the breakdown. I’ve tried to link as many of my actual pieces as possible, and have also included some similar ones for older things I can’t link.

Also keep in mind I dress really casual for work, so my capsule is for during the week and on the weekends. This is not everything I have — I do have about 15 “nice” work pieces like suits, blouses and heels. I also have my warm weather stuff like short sleeve and sleeveless tops. I know I’ll be changing some of those out, so I’ll share that one in a few months when I’ve updated it 🙂

12 Jeans: 3 dark wash, 1 medium wash, 1 light wash, 1 black, 1 black distressed, 3 dark/medium wash distressed, 1 white, 1 olive green

4 Jackets: light suede moto, faux leather, black suede moto, black blazer

7 Cardigans: 2 tan, 1 burgundy, 1 olive green, 1 black, 1 black and white striped, 1 windowpane poncho (I count this as a cardi because it’s a layer)

11 long sleeve shirts: 1 chambray, 3 green, 1 black, 1 dark grey, 2 light grey, 1 tan, 2 white

18 sweaters: 1 green, 1 burgundy, 3 black, 5 grey, 1 beige, 7 cream/ivory (yes, I have an addiction)

5 long sleeve blouses: 2 black, 3 white

6 tanks: 2 black, 2 white, 2 green

6 shoes: leopard print flats, black OTK boots, grey OTK boots, tan booties, snow boots, grey slip on sneakers

3 purses: 1 tan and 1 grey shoulder bags, 1 cream/tan every day tote

4 belts: black, brown, taupe and leopard,

5 scarves: black and white plaid, color plaid, black and white windowpane, thick tan, leopard print

6 hats: white beanie, black beanie, grey beanie, red beanie, black floppy hat, tan floppy hat

3 Coats: 1 puffer, 1 black coat, 1 white coat

It was a really fun process for me to go through my clothing rack and inventory everything for this post. I hadn’t actually counted everything since I stopped limiting myself to a certain number.

My cold weather capsule currently has 97 pieces. The nice thing is I try to use my pieces year round as much as possible, so some things listed here will also be in my warm weather capsule like all my pants and tanks.

The original number I gave myself was 150. I wanted to own only 150 pieces of clothing, including PJs, loungewear, work out clothes, all of it.

While I did get really close to that, I realized that shouldn’t be the point. I should just focus on consuming responsibly and get my closet down to things I love and just rotate things in and out as needed.

There’s no need to put pressure on yourself to make your closet anything but exactly what you want and need it to be!

Hopefully you found this post useful. Click here to check out all of my other capsule wardrobe posts! Thank you so much for being here 🙂

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