The Best Bras & Underwear for a Capsule Wardrobe

As I’ve been minimizing my belongings over the last 2 years, I’ve been applying the same techniques to all parts of my closet. Not only have I gotten rid of all the everyday clothes I never wore on a regular basis, but I’ve also spread that across to all parts of my closet. Yes, even my underwear!

I used to have more bras and underwear than I could literally ever get through. Just like with clothes in my closet, I always reached for my favorite things and left the rest in there for “special occasions”. I did (still do!) prefer to wear fancier undies on big days to give myself a little pick me up, but otherwise they just sat in there.

Same thing with my bras. I had so many beautiful lacy bras, but I wore my nude or black t-shirt bras every day because the lace was usually visible under most fabrics and tops and I prefer the invisible look. I’d switch it up on days with thicker materials like sweaters, but they still weren’t getting enough use! So, out they went.

As with my clothing capsule, I don’t set number limits for how many bras or undies I can have. I want to have what feels right and functional for me, and I can do that without restricting myself to a specific number. I’m constantly editing all parts of my wardrobe to keep it slim and trim, anyway, so it never builds back up.


Before my big closet purge, I had about 25 bras. I know…what?! Most were those beautiful lacy ones I mentioned. So many pretty colors! But I also had ones that didn’t fit right, sexy ones that weren’t very comfortable, bralettes I never wore, multiple strapless ones, or ones that I didn’t like anymore for whatever reason that I held onto “just in case”.

When you go to get rid of your old bras (if they’re still in good condition), I highly recommend donating them. Check out this article for recommendations on places that specialize in bra donations.

When figuring out which to KEEP, pick the ones you wear most often! If you don’t like any of your current bras very much or they don’t fit right, get professionally sized and get a NICE bra.

I’m pretty average in the chest area (32C) so I can mostly get away with bralettes and be perfectly happy, but my best friend is very blessed in the chest and I remember the first time she went to get sized and got nice bras that fit her, she talked about the difference it made for weeks! They’re definitely an investment but are well worth it.

I used to be so self-conscious of my breast size. I always felt they were too small and it was always something I felt very insecure about until just a few years ago.

Now, I think I’ve gone the opposite way. I’m actually thankful not to have big boobs as my bestie says they’re a huge pain *pun intended*. Plus, it’s not something I can help (I’m not about the plastic surgery life), so why worry about it?

My personal bra capsule now contains 1 wireless bra, 3 everyday bralettes, 4 lacy bralettes that I like to wear as accessory pieces and 1 “special occasion” bra

My everyday bra is this bralette. They are SO COMFY, and very inexpensive! They’re great quality and have up really well with regular washes, too. I have one in tan, white and black.

On days when I need/want a bit more structure, I love this underwire free bra from Soma. It’s so soft and cozy and it actually provides a nice lift without all the thick padding of a push-up bra. It’s basically a hug for your boobs.

Lastly, I have 1 convertible t-shirt bra that I keep for fancier occasions as I’ve noticed anything without underwire can tend to give the uniboob effect under some things.

Even though I only wear it for specific occasions, I do still keep it because I know I WILL wear it. I consider it a “just for when” item instead of a “just in case” item. It also functions as more than one thing since it’s convertible!


As I’ve gotten older, I prefer my undies to be comfortable, a little sexy, and well made. I used to only buy Victoria’s Secret and looking back, I actually have no idea why. I think that was just what was cool at the time?

I also like the companies I purchase from to have good morals and stand for the right things with I think VS is slacking on quite a bit.

For fun, I got Jake a subscription to MeUndies for Christmas because he had been saying for months he wanted to try them. It was by far his favorite gift and they’re all he wears now. I’ve gotten a few matching pairs (yes, we’re that couple) and they are SO SOFT and SO comfortable it’s unreal. Like, wow.

You can get a pack instead of a subscription if that’s your jam, too. I admit, they are pricey, but if you’re willing to spend the money for something well made that stands the test of time AND is made by an awesome company, check them out.

Next up is BootayBag. Another subscription one with fun varieties that gives you lots of options for what you want. I love this company in particular because they’re very philanthropic. They partner with multiple charities and give back a lot, particularly to women’s shelters. Check out their program here!

Lastly, and probably most importantly, my favorite: my period undies. Yea, you read that right. Those undies dedicated specifically for that special time of the month.

I use Thinx and I’m slightly obsessed with them. Tampons and pads have some pretty harsh chemicals in them, and I also don’t think either is very comfortable. Plus, they create a lot of waste. The Diva cup is a great sustainable option, but just not for me.

I got my first pair of Thinx over a year ago just to try it out. They’re a little pricey so I was nervous to invest too much too soon. I now own 6 pairs. My favorite style is the Cheeky because I don’t like underwear lines and they don’t show one. I literally own every color they come in. And I have 1 thong for the light days/if I had to wear something tight.

They have tons of options including organic cotton, activewear, lightweight as well as lots of cuts (high-cut, bikini, boyshort, thong, etc). I can’t recommend them enough! They also have a give back program and have great standards as a company.

In terms of everyday undies, I turn to Amazon. I love these thongs and these cheeky boyshorts for comfy options.

Here below are all my favorites!

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