My Spring & Summer Shoe Capsule

leopard loafers // black and tan slingbacks // grey sneakers // similar lace up flats // black heels // tan block heels // black block heels // Tory Burch flip flips // grey loafers

I wanted to share a round up of my shoe collection for the Spring and Summer months to show that you don’t need a ton of shoes to give you a ton of options!

These shoes cover all options for me. They fit my lifestyle as the only things I really do are go to work and run errands. I work in Real Estate (normally in an office) flipping houses, so I prefer to be a bit more on the dressy side.

Shown here are 4 pairs of heels and 5 flats. I love to be comfortable, so the heels are only 3 inches at most. I like my sandals to have ankle straps to keep them secure since I walk around a lot. I also like block heels since they’re more comfortable than stilettos.

The leopard loafers are probably my favorite go-to style. And they’re so comfortable I got them again in grey! I’m thinking about getting them again in tan at some point because I love them so much. Versatile and professional. They come in 21 colors!

My go-to pairs for casual wear are my Tory Burch flip flops (which I got on eBay for way less than retail — second hand is best!) and my slip on sneakers which are Dr. Scholls. They’re sooo incredibly comfortable. I can’t recommend them enough.

When you’re putting your own shoe capsule together, think about what your lifestyle calls for. If you work from home (all the time, not just right now) and don’t go out much, you probably don’t need 20 pairs of high heels. Unless you like to wear them around the house, in which case, rock on girlfriend.

But most likely you’ll need more comfortable shoes for your every day and a few dressy pairs for those special occasions. Any time you add something to your closet, think about how often you’ll get to wear it and how well it fits into your daily style (unless it’s a special occasion piece).

Hopefully this small shoe capsule can help inspire your to audit your shoe closet and get rid of all the pairs you’re not wearing regularly!

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