10 Reasons Why Capsule Wardrobes are the Best

There are plenty of reasons capsule wardrobes are great, but I wanted to get a post together sharing a few specific reasons why I think they make the biggest difference.

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1. Capsules easily grow with you.

Since life will always be changing, your capsule wardrobe will easily grow and adapt with you. You’ll never be done adding to it and tweaking it, just as a heads up. But because it’s smaller and full of great basics to build on, it’s so much easier to update as needed.

Since I started to work from home, my style needs have totally changed. All I had to do was change out a few things (bye bye jeans, hello flowy dresses!) and I was good to go!

As we grow and change, so does our style. I wouldn’t be caught dead in some of the things I wore 10 years ago lol. Your capsule should match your current lifestyle, whatever that means for you.

Having a capsule closet allows our life changes to be quick and easy. You swap a few things in and a few things out, and you’re done! No total closet makeover necessary. Unless you want to, then more power to you! 

2. Save time and money

When everything goes together well, it’s much easier to get dressed in the morning! Have you ever stood in front of your closet for a good 10 minutes feeling like you have nothing to wear? It used to be a daily thing for me and I was already tired by the time I got dressed!

I also didn’t always feel the best in what I wore but I just threw something on because it was necessary and all the deciding made me late. Now that I love everything in my closet, I don’t have that problem anymore! I get dressed in under 5 minutes every day with little to no thought because everything looks good together and I feel great in all of it.

Along with getting dressed quickly and feeling great, I don’t impulse spend nearly as much as I used to. It still happens on occasion because I’m human and love clothes, but it’s waaay better than it used to be.

I’m much more picky with what I add to my closet because I view it as a curated collection. Think about your wardrobe like curators think about their collections. Only the best of the best gets in. If you don’t LOVE something, don’t buy/keep it. It’s that simple!

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3. No clothes guilt

Ever keep things in your closet that make you feel guilty? They’re either too big and you keep them “just in case” or they’re your “skinny clothes” and looking at them makes you feel bad for not being able to fit into them.

Or maybe you bought a really expensive pair of shoes that are SO gorgeous but are extremely uncomfortable and can’t actually be worn for more than 5 minutes, so they just sit in your closet collecting dust because you can’t bring yourself to part with them based on how much you spent (wasted) on them (*ahem* this was me).

When you have a capsule closet, your clothes make you feel nothing but love and adoration, as it should be!

4. Look good, feel good

You always feel better when you’re wearing something you love. When you don’t feel great in your outfit, your body language reflects that. When you love everything in your closet, you feel great in what you wear every day.

Ever had one of those outfits you put on and just feel like a goddess? Clothes can be transformative for our attitude. Don’t underestimate the power of loving what you wear and feeling great in it. In the words of Anne Klein, “Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them will.”

5. Organization & room to breath in your closet

Have you ever noticed those pretty pictures of (normal) closets on Pinterest actually have space between the clothes?

It’s much more pleasing to the eye when things have room and aren’t cluttered. It’s also much nicer for YOU as the owner of that closet to be able to SEE everything you have.

My closet used to be so packed I had to lean on one side to pull a shirt out and look at it. It’s much better now that I can look at it and know exactly what’s there because it’s I can see it all. Never underestimate how great it feels to have everything spaced out and organized!

6. Get your money’s worth

How often do you wear the things you love in your closet? I used to only wear things three or four times a season (if that!) just because I had SO MUCH. Now that I have less, it allows me to get full use out of everything I do have and get my money’s worth.

This is probably my favorite benefit! I used to have favorite pieces that I saved for “special occasions” when I wanted to feel good. Now, that’s every day and it’s MUCH better this way. Wouldn’t you rather wear those things you love and feel great it more than just the days you have something “special” going on?

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7. Less waste

We’re all guilty of buying something on sale just because of the price that isn’t a good fit for us. Whether it’s ill-fitting or the wrong color or whatever, we never wear it.

Then we’ll occasionally purge our closets and get rid of it because it was never “right”. Maybe you wore it once and it just didn’t work. Maybe it still has the tags still attached 2 years later. We’ve all been there!

Having a capsule closet helps prevent this because if you don’t absolutely love something, you won’t want to add it to your closet. You won’t waste your money on things just because they’re on sale. If the price is the best thing about something, you shouldn’t buy it. 

You can also tie this into the waste caused by over-shopping and fast fashion. Capsule wardrobes lead to responsible consumption because you’re putting much more thought into what you’re buying.

8. Infinite outfit combinations

This one might surprise you, but it’s true. Since pretty much everything goes together, capsules give you the option to wear the same things over and over in different combinations and not feel a lack of variety.

I’m actually surprised there are still things I haven’t worn together in the year and a half I’ve had my capsule going. People expect it to feel limiting but I think it challenges you to get more creative with your outfits which is the fun part!

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9. Quality always beats quantity

Just because you have less doesn’t mean your closet can’t give you everything you want and need. Having less pieces that you really love as opposed to a ton of things you kind of like and a few you love makes all the difference.

As you get more into curating your closet, you’ll add nicer, more quality pieces that will last you a long time. You also want more quality things because you’re getting more use out of them. A $100 pair of shoes is likely going to hold up much better than a $20 pair when worn the same amount.

Investing in your closet is an investment in yourself. Nice quality pieces change how you carry yourself and add to how good your outfit makes you feel. I’d rather have one nice quality blazer I can wear for years than 20 cheap shirts I can wear and wash twice before they lose their shape or get a hole in them!

You don’t need to invest in these pieces all at once. Build your quality pieces over time as you narrow down your style, and I always recommend shopping second hand first because you’ll get amazing deals that way!!

10. Define your style and boost confidence.

When you’re first building your capsule, it’s helpful to find the “style” you like and try to emulate that. I found this really comforting because I used to have so many things I tried to wear but didn’t work for me.

Defining my style boosted my confidence because now I feel so comfortable in what I’m wearing. It feels like “me”. I know what works well for me and my body and what doesn’t and feel empowered by that. I also know what to avoid when shopping for the first time ever! 

Which item is your favorite? Do you have any additional reasons capsule wardrobes are the best? Let me know in the comments!

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