How to Use Pinterest to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe

How to Use Pinterest to Build Your Perfect Wardrobe. How to search Pinterest for outfits and build the perfect wardrobe for you.

Did you know Pinterest is actually a search engine like Google? You can search it with sentences, questions, whatever you want. You can even search images, which is just straight up awesome.

So, how does that help you with your clothes?

One of the consistent top searches on Pinterest is women’s fashion. People go on Pinterest for all kinds of inspiration, but one of those big things people want is outfit ideas. There are THOUSANDS of images! And they’re all just sitting there waiting to be found.

I credit Pinterest to helping me perfect my capsule wardrobe because I’m always able to find outfit ideas for every season, new ways to style things I already have, and find new things to shop for that would suit my style.

I’ve included a few ways I’ve recreated Pinterest looks throughout the post to show how easy it is! The photo on the left is mine, the one on the right is one I found on Pinterest that inspired the outfit.

Here are some ways to utilize the magic of Pinterest to build that perfect closet full of things you love and feel great in.

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Find Your Style

Is your closet currently a hodge-podge of things you grabbed off the sale rack? Been there done that, sister. A huge part of having a closet full of clothes you love is knowing your own style.

What silhouettes flatter you most? What colors look best on your skin tone? There are pieces in your closet that you probably reach for on repeat. Do they bring out your eyes? Highlight your figure? Pay attention to why you love them.

Pinterest can help with this by showing you other styles to consider or showing you how to style the pieces you currently have in other ways.

Create a board specifically designated to outfit ideas so you can easily reference back to it. You can also add subcategories for seasons, specific pieces, etc. if that helps you.

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Use Keywords

When searching, you can use keywords of things to help you find them. When trying to decide your style, search things like “fashion style types” which will give you things like boho, classic, glam, edgy, preppy, etc.

Once you see a style/idea you like, search it further by adding the word “outfits” after it. If you like glam style, searching “glam outfits” will turn up a whole plethora of ideas for you.

You can also deep-dive into a few categories and get ideas — don’t feel like you have to only fit into one style category. You can always mix and match styles together. This is your closet, make it what you want!

Do this for pieces already in your closet, too. I do this all the time to give me new ideas for old pieces.

There are tons of ways to wear even the simplest things and using someone else’s ideas can give you much more wear out of everything in your closet. Especially when you can combine things you already have in new ways!

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Search by Phrase

If you’ve got a piece in your closet now that you want to get new ideas for, you can search things like “how to wear a moto jacket”. Find those least worn pieces in your closet and search for new ways to wear them. Or, if you aren’t into it anymore, let it go. You should love and feel great in everything in your closet. What’s the point otherwise??

If you find a new style you like but aren’t sure where to find pieces that style, search for things like “where to buy edgy clothing”. Pinterest is full of ways to help people find what they want AND buy it.

If you want to find things specific to you, you can also search what styles look best on people that look like you! Search things like what colors look good on your skin tone, or what jeans look best on your body type.

This isn’t limited to fashion — I also do this with hairstyles and glasses because I have an oval shaped face, so I can find what styles look best on my face shape.

Anything you can imagine wanting to find, I’m sure Pinterest can lead you in the right direction!

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Image Searches

This is my favorite feature Pinterest offers! Once you find something you like, if you scroll down it gives you recommendations for similar images.

You also have the option to zoom in on an image to a specific part to search that way. Say you find an outfit picture where you love the shoes. Just zoom in on the shoes and you’ll get recommendations for similar images. Some of these things also lead you to sites to purchase said pieces. Two birds, one stone.

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Follow Your Style Icons

Does your favorite blogger have a Pinterest account? Most likely the answer is yes. Look up all your favorites and follow them. You can search through their boards and see if they have any ideas you like saved there and re-pin them. This way when you get on to browse, you’ll have some great things pop up on your home feed, too!

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Put it to Use!

Don’t be one of those people that has boards and boards of images saved but never references them! I know how easy it is to click save and forget about things, trust me. I’m sure there are hundreds of articles I’ve pinned and meant to read later but totally forgot.

When you’re picking out your outfit for the day, pull up your style board and reference it. Utilize the work you’ve put in to not only find new pieces but get your money’s worth out of what you already have! The sky’s the limit with ways to combine things in your closet and make it exactly what you want.

Looking for more capsule wardrobe tips? Find all the tips & tricks here!

If you have any additional tips, leave them in the comments!

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