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This is possibly my most requested post ever and I’m so excited to share! If you follow me on Instagram, you know I buy second hand ALL THE TIME. I get so many great, high quality pieces that way, most of the time with the tags still attached!

The above photos all feature things I bought second hand. In the first photo, it’s the black coated jeans that retail for $126 (brand new with tags), I paid $36. I also got my black purse second hand from eBay. In the second, it’s the suede moto jacket (also new with tags) which retails for almost $200, I paid $90. In the third photo, it’s the white blazer (worn a handful of times) that retails for $230 that I scored for $90. #dealsondealsondeals

But what are my tips for shopping second hand? It can be a bit tricky since you can’t usually try things on (at least when buying online) and some places don’t allow returns. So how can you know what to buy and what to avoid? Let me help!

I have an entire post dedicated to shopping on eBay here, but wanted to write one specifically for Poshmark since I’ve been buying there way more lately. Some of the tips are the same, but there are some differences as well.

I’d also like to point out that while Poshmark does have a “no returns” policy, they WILL do a return if you get something that isn’t as it was described. I’ve had this happen 1 time and it was really easy to ship the item back to the seller (on them) and get my money back.

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Tip 1: Know your measurements

If you’re buying something in a brand you’re unfamiliar with, knowing your measurements will tell you if it will fit you or not. Of course, you can always get things tailored that are a little too big, but this is a good rule of thumb for any online shopping.

Many sellers have the measurements listed, but if they don’t, you can simply leave a comment on the item asking them to share them and I’m sure they will! This is super helpful and important since sizing runs different from brand to brand.

Tip 2: Don’t be afraid to make an offer

If you see something you like but aren’t thrilled about the price, don’t be afraid to make the seller an offer. The worst they can say is no! In my personal experience, they will likely either just accept if it’s reasonable or give you a counter offer and you can either accept that or go back and forth.

I typically always try to haggle on the price a little since as the buyer you pay $7.11 for shipping. Now, I don’t recommend super low-balling them, but a few dollars less is usually ok to off-set the shipping cost a bit.

Tip 3: ‘Like’ things and wait a few days

I often find that if I “like” something (click the little heart in the top right corner), sometimes the sellers will send me a private discount over the next few days. It’s usually a discount on both the item and shipping, which is a great way to save a little bit! If a few days goes by with no offer, try the tip #2 for making an offer.

Tip 4: Check out the sellers closet for additional discounts

If you see something you like, check out the closet of the person selling it to see if they have anything else you like. Most of the time if you purchase more than one thing from a seller, you can get discounts on both shipping and the items you want! It’s a win-win. Plus, if you like something they have an it’s your size, it’s likely they’ll have other things your size as well.

You can also add things to your bundle and wait, just like Tip #3. Sometimes the seller will offer a discount at that point, too. There is a little shopping bag with a plus on it and when you click that, you create a bundle. This is also a way to basically DM a seller, because it’s a private comment thread and you can’t DM otherwise.

I give a 20% discount for 2 or more items and a 25% discount on any item for following me on Instagram.

Tip 5: Utilize the search features

Poshmark has great filtering for searches. You can be as general or as specific as you want. For example, if you want a pair of black heels, you can just search “black heels”. If you want to narrow it down, search something like “black pointed toe pumps” and “black closed toe heels”.

You can also narrow down by brand, color, size, condition (how new it is), price, etc. The more words you include, the better your chance of finding what you’re looking for! I also do multiple searches with different keywords and often find new items each time.

I also love their recommended search finder. If you see something you like, if you scroll to the bottom of the item there is a section for “Find Similar Items” and you can look at similar pieces. This is especially great when you find something that’s been sold that you love to find something like it.

Tip 6: Ask questions!

If you see a piece you like but the photos don’t show it in the right way or you want to know something specific about the material, ASK! Leave a comment on the item or add it to a bundle (click that little shopping bag with a + on it) and ask the seller about it. If the seller only shared stock photos from the website the piece is from, ask for some of the actual piece.

Tip 7: Check back often

The secret to finding great pieces is consistently looking. People are uploading things all the time, and the best pieces sell quick. I keep a list of items I’m on the lookout for (sometimes I can forget) and search through the app a few times a week to see if anyone has posted them for sale.

I also recommend filtering your searches by using the “Just In” filter to show the items that are newly listed. When you search an item, the top bar under the search has the search categories. Click Sort > Just In. The search defaults to “Just Shared” but that can show items that have been around longer and have just been re-shared by the seller. You can still find great items like that, but “Just In” will help with scoring the newest deals before someone else!

Tip 8: Follow Poshers and brands you love!

If you find someone who has similar taste to you, follow them! Their items will pop up on your home page so you’ll see them when you open the app. If you want to follow me, click here 🙂

You can also favorite brands so you get notifications when new items of that brand are listed. This is really great if you know you love a particular brand, but it doesn’t filter by size.

Tip 9: Be wary of Luxury items under $500

Poshmark has a policy that they will authenticate any luxury items over $500 for free. If there’s a luxury item listed for anything like $498 when it should be much more, it could be a fake trying to fly under the radar. You’re covered by their return policy if you get something fake, but ask your questions before buying to know you’re getting what you’re paying for!

Tip 10: Sell your own clothes!

I have a whole guide for how to sell your clothes online (I make a decent bit on the side doing this!), but the reason I recommend it specifically for Poshmark is because when you sell things, you can either transfer the money to your bank account OR use it to buy other things while it’s sitting in your balance. It’s basically like recycling your money.

There you have it! My top 10 tips for purchasing from Poshmark. I hope these tips help you find some great deals on pieces you love. Leave your own tips in the comments!

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