How to Support Bloggers without Spending Any Money

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In honor of Small Business Saturday, I wanted to share this post because I hope to help people understand that bloggers are small businesses, too. We make money because people like you trust us and buy what we share. It’s that simple!

But, you don’t HAVE to buy things through your blogger friends to support them. Actually, your biggest ways to support them don’t require you spend anything at all if you don’t want to.

As someone who makes a small side income from sharing my outfits, I wanted to write a quick post to give a bit of insight into how you can help either your fellow bloggers OR help your friends that blog, all without spending a dime!

These tips are mainly geared toward Instagram but can also be applied to Pinterest. Follow me on instagram to show your support, especially if you’re a blogger, too! I love finding new accounts to support.

Click the SAVE button

This is HUGE! It’s Instagrams newest metric, and it can only be seen by you. It’s basically a super like. I think this is how they’re going to phase out the Likes. The save button is the little bookmark tag under the bottom right of an IG photo. You can create your own collections and sort your saved photos to reference back to if you want. I have folders for outfit inspo and another for home inspo. Clicking Save tells IG this is a good post and will not only help the poster show up more often for you, but for everyone else that follows them, too.

Share their content / Tag friends

Did someone share a blog post you really liked? Do you love an outfit they posted? Tell your friends and followers about it! I swear 90% of the people I follow are recommendations from other people who love them. Another easy way to do this is simply to tag friends in the comments. If you see something you think a friend would like, tag them in a comment so they see it or send it to them via DM.

Like and Comment

This probably goes without saying, but I’ll include it anyway. This is called engaging with a post and again shows IG this is a good post that other people will like, too. It may seem insignificant, but every interaction matters! More engagement means more people see your posts which is the only way to grow.

Share their posts / Shoutout in your stories

This is the biggest compliment ever in my mind. When you love a post, you share it with others. Sharing is caring, right? When you share a blog post or IG post on your stories and shoutout the blogger (make sure to tag them!), not only will you flatter them, but they will likely re-post it to their own story as a thank you! Meaning you can gain more exposure, too.

Turn on post notifications

You can be notified when your favorite bloggers post to their feed or stories. The more engagement posts get initially, the more they’re shown to others, so liking/saving/commenting quickly can help them out. This is another metric that only you

Watch their stories & interact

A big way to be supportive is to watch stories and interact with them. Vote on the polls, ask questions, react to the story, respond with questions or comments. Click on people/places/things they tag, swipe up on their links. Even if you don’t buy anything, those clicks help them! Especially for sponsored content.

Read their blog posts

There is so much more than you know that goes into every blog post. There’s usually some researching involved, trying things out, taking a million photos to get a few good ones, finding links, writing and creating content, finding creative ways to do things to be original, making graphics…not to mention what goes into building and maintaining a website. It’s a lot.

I actually have a highlight saved on instagram of a little behind-the-scenes action if you’re ever curious. But the point is, with all the work that goes into our posts, all we ask is that you read them! They’re there to provide you value, after all. That’s the reason we do what we do. Even better if you leave comments and share your thoughts. Your input is the most valuable thing to us since it helps us know what you like or don’t like.

Show EXTRA love for ads and sponsored posts

This is when we need your support the most! These are the posts that help keep things running for bloggers. Ads are simply recommendations of products. You don’t HAVE to buy this thing, but someone might find it beneficial because they’ve been looking for that or thinking about it. That’s WHY bloggers are able to make a living! They share things they use and love and get paid for it because their people trust them enough to buy it.

I’m sure any blogger you follow would never share anything they didn’t actually use and personally love and recommend. I’ve said no most collabs I’ve been offered because I either didn’t like the product when I tried it or the company didn’t line up with my values. Show the same if not more love to these posts because it makes more difference than you know on the back end.

If you DO want to shop…

Ask for links for anything you buy!

In honor of Small Business Saturday, please think of your blogger friends when you’re shopping and use their links if and when you can. If you want to shop at a big store, use a bloggers link to still support a small business!

The single biggest way to help the bloggers in your life is to purchase things through their links. Bloggers make money by you buying things they recommend. It doesn’t cost you anything, it’s paid by the retailer as a thank you for getting them business.

You can ask them for a link for ANYTHING! It doesn’t just have to be clothes. My sister (bless her) uses my links for everything from cleaning products to kids clothes. We can give links for everything! I once DMed a blogger for a link to a box of tea she recommended. This is what keeps us going and we are all SO, so appreciative when ask for our links or shop through them.

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