5 Tips for a Festive yet Functional Capsule Wardrobe

As much as I love the idea of holiday pieces, I can’t justify them taking up space in my closet. Ugly sweaters and tons of holiday specific gear you wear for one month of the year (maybe 6 weeks) and then it goes back in storage.

Christmas is my favorite time of year. I love getting festive and being in the Christmas Spirit. I always say it’s not just a holiday, it’s a feeling. Every year I feel this urge to buy Christmas or holiday pieces that I would never wear any other time of the year. They’re so cute!!

But for me and my lifestyle, they’re not very functional. I like pieces I can wear year round (or as close to that as possible), so those pieces don’t make much sense for me, and I’m sure others feel the same way. So, how can you mix the love of Christmas festiveness with the functionality of a capsule wardrobe? I have some tips 🙂

Sparkle shirt (also here) // faux leather pants // white heels (better for budget) // purse // sunglasses // lipstick

Trade sequins for velvet/satin/faux leather

Sequins are pretty and very fun but after New Years, will you really wear it again until next year? Think about the materials you can get the most use out of. Swap sequins out for other things like satin, faux leather or velvet that you can wear all season.

I recently got a black velvet blazer (which I’ve been wanting for years). It will be perfect for the holidays because it’s glam, but it’s also perfect for winter in general as a layer and I can wear it to work. Faux leather pants/leggings and satin tops/dresses are all dressy but still work throughout the cold months.

Buffalo check shirt // skirt // coat // purse // lipstick // sunglasses // necklaces

Stick to neutrals

My motto for everything haha. It helps if you get those “festive” pieces in more muted or neutral tones so that you can wear them for longer. Black and white are much more versatile than red and silver! Holiday prints like plaid and fair isle can go all winter if they don’t scream Christmas colors. You can also go for darker tones as they blend better like a deep forest green or burgundy.

Bodysuit // skirt // heels // coat // purse // sunglasses // lipstick

Red lipstick

The easiest and probably least expensive way to give a holiday vibe to any outfit! A red lip in winter just screams Christmas to me. If you’re looking for a brighter shade, this is the one I’m wearing. I also love this darker shade that I wear year-round for more special occasions.

shirt // similar scarf // jeans // belt // similar boots // purse // coat // lipstick


Add a plaid scarf and a red beanie and you’re set! Another really fun and easy one here is earrings. They’re inexpensive but a great way to add festive vibes to your outfit. Get some Christmas trees or snow flakes, maybe even some bows! These are things I feel ok with only wearing a few times a year. If you love red or wear it often, red shoes are another great option.

similar sweatshirt // belt // jeans // similar boots // purse // hat // necklaces // lipstick

Get something if you love it

And finally, if you really love a holiday piece, life is about enjoyment so don’t limit yourself! This sweatshirt is my 1 holiday piece that I love and only wear at Christmas (though admittedly I still wear it year around when no one sees me lol). If you have a few Christmas pieces, that’s ok! Don’t limit yourself based on what you think you should do. 

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