Netflix Christmas Movies to Watch this Season

netflix christmas movies
netflix christmas movies
netflix christmas movies

In honor of Christmas sneaking up so quickly, I thought I’d share a round up of Netflix Christmas movies to snuggle up and watch. Grab some hot chocolate and a blanket and get cozy!

PS – These are the Netflix originals, but of course they also have a ton more movies like The Grinch and The Holiday which are 2 of my all-time favs. Enjoy!

Operation Christmas Drop

This was a new one this year and I absolutely loved it. Political aide Erica gets sent (last minute) to an Air Force base in Guam over Christmas to check into a program that her boss thinks is waisting tax dollars and time. She orders Erica to find an excuse to defund the base. When she gets there, Erica is paired up with Capt. Andrew to learn the ins and outs of what they’re doing and where the dollars are going. She learns way more than she expected and changes her whole outlook on everything. This is based on a true story and Operation Christmas Drop is a real thing!

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

A fun musical about an inventor whose life takes an unexpected turn and he gives up on his dream. His brilliant granddaughter comes into his life to turn things back around and bring back his smile. This movie was so much fun and the music/singing was amazing. Highly recommend!

Holiday in the Wild

After her son goes off to college, Kate goes to surprise her husband with a second honeymoon trip, but the real surprise is she ends up going alone. While on a safari, she ends up in a baby elephant rescue mission which totally changes her plans for her trip. But that detour ends up being the best thing to ever happen to her. Christmas in Africa! Highly recommend.

Christmas With a View

A workaholic resort restaurant manager gets a holiday surprise when her boss hired a famous chef, Shane, to working in her kitchen over the holidays to drive business. After failing at running her own restaurant, Clara is all about figuring out her next steps. When Shane and Clara keep crossing paths and hit it off, jealousy strikes and the real truth comes out. This one is your typical lovey-dovey Christmas movie.

The Princess Switch

This was a cute one. Chicago baker Stacy gets entered into a European competition by her life-long best friend Kevin. When they get to Belgravia, Stacy runs into the Prince’s fiancee, Margaret, and they realize they’re identical. Margaret longs to experience “normal” life and Stacy doesn’t mind the idea of being a princess for a day or 2. They swap places and realize they might prefer to live each others lives longer than expected. There is also a sequel to this one which was pretty cute, too.

Midnight at the Magnolia

Jack and Maggie have been best friends since high school and have their own radio show together that’s getting pretty popular. When their producer suggests they introduce their no-longer-existant significant others to their families live on the air at midnight on New Years, they have to get a little creative with what to give the fans. Their plan makes both of them re-evaluate not only their friendship, but partnership as well. It’s a major feel good movie with a strong dose of “don’t take people for granted”. 

Christmas Wedding Planner

A new wedding planner is planning her cousins wedding when the bride-to-be’s ex-boyfriend shows up. When she confronts him he claims to be a PI checking into the groom and asks her to join him. Full of fun and unexpected twists, it’s a great Christmas wedding story!

Christmas Inheritance

This was a definite feel good movie. Heiress Ellen is being groomed to take over her father’s gift company. He sends her to his hometown to carry on the tradition of hand delivering a yearly update letter to his retired business partner with only $100 and a rule that no one can know who she is. She sees the true heart of the town and realizes a few things along the way.

The Knight Before Christmas

Another Vanessa Hudgens movie! A medieval knight is sent to present day Ohio on a “quest”. When Brooke accidentally hits him with her car in a snow storm, the doctors at the hospital tell her it’s likely he’s lost his memory so she insists he come stay with her until he can remember. They both end up learning from each other while he completes his quest to return home. It’s a little cheesy but still very cute.

The Holiday Calendar

Abby is a photographer working a dead-end job but hoping to follow her dream one day to take her own photos instead of family portraits. When she gets an antique Advent Calendar that seems to be giving small predictions of each day, she realizes what she really wanted was right in front of her the whole time. 


I’m including this one even thought I don’t think it’s really a Christmas movie. PS – this one is not kid friendly, definitely adults only. Two cynics pair up to be each others dates for every holiday throughout the year and you can guess what happens 😉

SKIP THIS ONE: A Cinderella Story: Christmas Wish

I wasn’t really into this one because it was so cheesy. This is basically a modern day Cinderella Story complete with the wicked stepmother and stepsisters. The twist here is the “Cinderella” is a would-be singer. The acting was just very cringey and awkward.

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