Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2022

Welcome to your Nordstrom Anniversary Sale modest shopping guide! There’s a lot that goes on during the sale, so I wanted to make a specific post to cover all the important things like dates and what to expect, recommendations and more.


If you’re new here or haven’t shopping the #nsale before, you might not understand why everyone gets so hyped up about it. I’ll happily explain.

It’s considered one of the biggest sales of the year rivaling Black Friday and Cyber Monday since it’s got SO much stuff in it (fashion, beauty, home, etc). But it’s also the only sale of its kind (that I know of, anyway).

Most sales happen at the end of the season to make room for new things coming in. This sale is the opposite — it’s the upcoming fall pieces on sale BEFORE the season starts! So you can get this years trendiest pieces at a discount before fall even hits so you’re ready to go.

And my personal favorite part is there are a wide variety of brands included in the sale, so you can get high quality brand name items for a discount.

It’s an amazing time to stock up on bigger ticket items like coats, sweaters, boots and also your favorite basics like tees and layering pieces.


This year, I’ll be creating 100% modest outfit options to highlight all skirt and dress options and how to mix and match them. I’ll put them together in a lookbook blog post and email to send out to everyone to share how I personally would style the pieces and hopefully give you some inspiration! Follow me in the LTK App to get my exclusive content and follow along on Instagram and Stories if you want to be notified of new content!


Preview begins June 29 – everyone can see what will be available during the sale

Icon Early Access: July 6th

Ambassador Early Access: July 7th

Influencer Early Access (All Nordstrom Cardholders): July 9th

Anniversary Sale Starts & Opens to Everyone: July 15th


Icons & Ambassadors are Nordstrom Cardholders that shop there a lot (like a lot a lot). Think all the biggest influencers. They’ll have access to shop first on July 6th & 7th. If you have a Nordstrom card, you can shop July 9th. If you don’t have a Nordstrom card, the sale opens to you on July 15th at 12:01am EST.

The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale ends on July 31st and prices go back up to full retail on August 1st.

If you’re unsure when you can shop, you can check here by logging into your Nordy Club account on the left and checking your card status.


The first thing to know is that things sell out quickly. But the good news is they typically restock the most popular items throughout the sale. To stay up to date on restocks, be sure to follow me in the LTK App as I’ll be sharing a ton of content there as well as on my Instagram page & Stories.

I’ll save it all at the top of the page to make it easy to access!

The best strategy in my opinion is to find those items you love during the preview, save them to your wishlist and have them all ready to go the day you can shop!

Buy those pieces you HAVE to have first so you don’t miss out, then come back and browse through everything else. Make sure you have your payment info saved and ready to go so you can check out ASAP!


While I think credit cards are a very personal decision, I can tell you I personally got one, specifically to shop the sale this year. The early access is well worth it since things do sell out so quickly, and they may not choose to restock something you really want.

For signing up this year, they’re giving out a $60 bonus note as long as you use the card the same day you’re approved. There’s no limit that I’ve been able to find, and always free shipping. So you can get something small just to activate the note and use it for the sale.

I got my bonus note in a little less than 24 hours. It’s free money! Plus, you earn points on every dollar you spend throughout the year for more bonus notes which is just more free money. BUT don’t feel pressured into it. I shopped the sale for 3 years before deciding to get the credit card and it was fine.

If you want to apply and get the $60 Bonus Note, click here! That offer ends July 5th.


Be sure to follow me in the LTK App to get my exclusive content and follow along on Instagram and Stories for all the NSale Modest Outfit Inspo! I’ll be sharing new content every day, and once I can shop on July 9th, I’ll share my order and then try-ons once my order arrives.

I’m so excited to see what options there will be this year to make cute modest fall and winter outfits. There are usually a few good sweater dresses, and I’m so thankful midi skirts are so fashionable right now since it gives us plenty of options!


Here’s a quick overview of what I’ll be sharing during the sale:

Modest Dresses from the NSale 2022

All Modest Skirts

Modest Work Finds

Favorite Sweater Dresses Lookbook

Favorite Skirts Lookbook

Favorite Work & Casual Dresses Lookbook

Best Modest Finds Under $50

Best Modest Finds Under $100

Best Shoes

My Wishlist

Christmas in July! Great gift ideas to snag during the sale

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